The trees
and the Beast.

Unimog U 430 strengthens the team at Bremer Baumdienst.

Touching allowed – even if the name suggests otherwise. Maximilian Salzer from Bremer Baumdienst (tree and forest maintenance service) has given his newly acquired Unimog U 430 a forbidding nickname: the Beast. And yet the hard body hides a flexible and reliable ally in the struggle for a green future.

There is a lot to do up North.

"We spend a lot of time off the beaten track," is how Maximilian Salzer from Bremer Baumdienst describes his very varied working day. The company which he took over following the death of his father Dirk Salzer in 2016 manages tree populations across northern Germany. Thanks to the North's notorious "stiff breeze", the telephone at Bremer Baumdienst rings at regular intervals; operations to remove trees that have fallen across roads or stretches of rail track, for example, are not uncommon.

This is a challenge because the affected stretches of track are often off the beaten track. "A Unimog is perfectly suited to that because it is extremely capable in off-road terrain and regardless of its bodies or attachments driving always remains stable," says Maximilian Salzer about his new purchase.

With the "Beast" we can complete all of the work steps in one go.

Maximilian Salzer, Managing Director, Bremer Baumdienst

The orange Unimog U 430 was bought last December. The Special Truck is fitted with a body that can be tipped and also has a removable combined attachment from Ufkes Greentec, comprising a Cheetah 30 front-mounted shredder and a log grab. "When we fell trees or carry out clearing work we can shred the waste wood on-site, making it easier to transport," Maximilian Salzer further explains operations with the Unimog.

Landscaper Stefan Schatz and his Unimog U 530

A telescopic crane can also be transported on a low loader and is the perfect complement to the Unimog: "The crane picks up the trees and an integrated grab arm puts the branches into the shredder at the front of the Unimog."


For a green future.

The care and maintenance of tree populations in order to safeguard our quality of life sustainably and in the long-term  – this is what Bremer Baumdienst is committed to. "The old trees in particular need special care in the hot summer months," says Maximilian Salzer who studied arboriculture in Göttingen and is a qualified specialist for tree surgery and management. "Ultimately, in the age of climate change people are becoming more aware of tree maintenance as it becomes increasingly important –  in urban areas in particular it is vital that green areas are retained."

Project implemented with Unimog partnership:
Schelling Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

Economic and ecological.

Efficient work with the versatile, compact and off-road capable Unimog is also of benefit to the tree populations: the work causes less field damage and as the vehicle can drive very close to the work site, invasive tree-felling is kept to a minimum. As a result the decision to expand the fleet with another Unimog was a simple one.

"With the 'Beast' we can complete all of the work steps in one go and only need one or at most two employees," Maximilian Salzer explains. "The wood shredder can also be operated by remote control." Perhaps over time Maximilian Salzer will think up another nickname for his Unimog that is less beastly and sounds more like a loyal helper. At least he has named his new trio of excavators Tick, Trick and Track (Huey, Dewey and Louie).

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