Wood fuel production, winter road
maintenance and landscape conservation.

Contractor Dominik Treyer uses Unimog in forestry and municipal services.

In the Black Forest National Park, the head of the Spinner contracting firm, Dominik Treyer (26), has complete confidence in the performance and flexibility of the Unimog. Be it for wood fuel production, landscape conservation or winter road maintenance: the young businessman from Oppenau is able to work efficiently with his Unimog U 400 and U 430 vehicles and to accept a large number of different work assignments.

The Unimog is our basic workhorse, and our services make use of its great potential for the mounting of implements and attachments.


Dominik Treyer, Contractor, Company Spinner

Unimog as the basic vehicle for a multiplicity of services.

"The Unimog is our basic workhorse, and our services make use of its great potential for the mounting of implements and attachments. It is just as much at home in the forest as on the motorway," says the Black Forest businessman enthusiastically. Together with his mother, the trained vehicle designer took over the Spinner contracting business from his grandfather.

He has since introduced some new key areas of business: alongside forestry work and winter road maintenance, he has now added wood fuel production, the sale of wood chips and landscape conservation to his portfolio. He also offers earthmoving and transportation services. While his grandfather focused exclusively on log-moving, this now accounts for only a small proportion of the work and is less lucrative today on account of strong competition. The young entrepreneur is assisted by three full-time employees, with seasonal workers being added as and when needed.

Unimog: versatile year-round use.

Depending on the situation, Dominik Treyer uses his Unimog vehicles with a variety of implements and attachments: wood chip production is the job of the U 430, which powers a Jenz HEM 540 Z wood chipper via the rear power take-off. This allows the full engine power of almost 300 hp to be transferred to the shaft at the rear. The gripper arm of the Jenz wood chipper can be controlled from a cab mounted on the platform of the U 430. Within 30 minutes, the wood chips have been filled into the two skips with 38 mcapacity and can be taken away by a Unimog U 400 using a hook-type trailer.

Treyer uses implements from Mulag for mowing and mulching. The FME 500 front-mounted boom mower, which has a reach of 6.5 m with a pivot range of 210 degrees, can be operated on the left or right side of the vehicle. Another boom, the FME 600, has a reach of some 7.2 m! For mowing, the firm uses a UMK 1200 general-purpose mowing head for roadside vegetation as well as a GMK 1200 thicket mowing head and a BRK 1200 bush chipper for cut thicknesses up to 6 and 15 cm, respectively. This line-up of equipment allows highly efficient roadside maintenance as well as the upkeep of verges and ditches. For large areas, the firm uses a Kuhn mowing combination, which features one front-mounted and two rear-mounted mowers for a width of around 7 m. This makes it possible for green areas at airports, golf courses and parking facilities to be quickly mowed and tidied.

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Der Unimog belongs to the technical major inventory of the company.

For winter road maintenance, Dominik Treyer and his team work in shifts using their own 2.5 m3Schmidt gritters and snowploughs. The contracts for such work are awarded by road maintenance depots, local municipalities, companies and private individuals. Especially in the Black Forest National Park, winter road maintenance at elevations between 150 and 1000 m can confront the contracting firm with a challenge that can be met only by powerful and efficient vehicles in combination with an array of professional implements and attachments.

The Unimog's versatility not only means that the vehicle is the technical backbone of the Spinner company. Its overall efficiency also makes a key contribution to the economic success of the contracting firm.

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