First love – the Unimog.

Sascha Voß carries out forestry work and earthworks with a 300 hp Unimog U 530.

When others were saving up for a moped, Sascha Voß had a different goal in mind: it had to be a Unimog. And not just a scale model - a genuine all-rounder. He eventually tracked one down and purchased the 1958 Unimog U 411. Sascha Voß was just 16 years old at the time. He is now 47 - and still driving a Unimog, although a slightly bigger one. His latest purchase: a Unimog U 530.

Green paintwork, green applications.

Sascha Voß points out that his new Unimog is "sap green". Which is fitting, as the applications it is used for are also green: forestry and earthworks. To carry out his work, the Unimog fan needs plenty of power, which is why he opted for the U 530, the top-of-the-range Unimog with the most powerful engine variant.

Sascha Voß uses the power of the Unimog to drive what he describes as a "massive chipper": a HEM 581 manufactured by Jenz, which reduces tree trunks with a diameter of up to 65 cm to something resembling spillikins. Sascha Voß sits in the cab of his crane, which is mounted on the Unimog, and uses the grabber to manoeuvre several tree trunks at once in to the chipper's "mouth".

The chipper draws its power via the Unimog's rear PTO – making full use of the vehicle's 300 hp or 220 kW. "Because more is always better," in the experience of the entrepreneur who set up on his own 20 years ago.

Service provider for municipal authorities and forest owners.

Sascha Voß's services are constantly in demand, primarily on behalf of municipal authorities and forest owners. He has chalked up an impressive 1300 operating hours in the ten months since purchasing his sap green Unimog.

What is it that he particularly likes about the Unimog? "The flexibility and reliability," he replies, "and the range of different implements."

If, at any point, there are no trees that need turning into wood chips, Sascha Voß fits the HEN asphalt planer to the rear of his Unimog and sets to work building forest tracks and agricultural roads. "Green plan roads, as they're known in the trade." But his favourite jobs are chipping and shredding. He already has his next job lined up: "The wood is already waiting by the Deutsche Bahn railway tracks. As soon as the wildlife allows - when the breeding and nesting season is over - I'll be off," says the 47-year-old, looking forward to getting back to work in the Unimog.

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