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CRH wants to upgrade its vehicle fleet with Econic.

The Irish building materials manufacturer Cement Roadstone Holding (CRH) is the third largest producer of cement and concrete in the world and the largest Irish company in terms of sales. This strong position on the global market requires a strong vehicle. Therefore, in times when cities around the world are growing and construction sites are increasingly moving to busy city centres, CRH needs a responsible partner by its side – the Econic.

Expert in transporting building materials.

Where other vehicle concepts need to be rethought from scratch due to unclear traffic situations and provisional infrastructures, the Econic from Mercedes-Benz is already one step ahead. Specially developed for use in the urban jungle, the low-entry truck is right at the forefront in terms of safety, ergonomics and environmental protection.

Thanks to various chassis variants and standardised body interfaces, it can be used for a wide range of applications that are just as varied as the construction industry itself. The Econic will be used as a concrete mixer at CRH and its subsidiaries.

The Econic makes an impression at roadshows.

CRH has had trucks bearing the three-pointed star in its fleet for a long time. Both in its own vehicle fleet and at its subsidiaries. CRH-owned construction company Bosta Beton, one of the largest manufacturers of mixed concrete in Poland, has relied on a tried-and-tested fleet of Actros for many years.

As the Polish fleet is to be rejuvenated and made safer, CRH has already equipped its subsidiary with 15 Arocs concrete mixers with reversing camera and Liebherr body in 2020. In June the following year, CRH added a scoop and organised a roadshow in various European countries. The focal point of the event held in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks: the Econic as a construction site vehicle.

Both customers and partners as well as the drivers themselves had the opportunity to get to know the Econic in theory and practice. Initially, all interested parties were introduced to the basic vehicle concept, focusing in particular on the comprehensive safety benefits of the Econic. The newly acquired knowledge could then be tried out on a specially prepared test track.


Stay on top of things at all times.

The fact that the Econic is built based on safety is of fundamental importance, especially when moving building materials in inner cities. From its panoramic glazing for an outstanding view to the floor-to-ceiling glazed folding door on the passenger side: The DirectVision cab offers a good all-round view of city traffic and construction site. This is particularly beneficial for cyclists and pedestrians, who can be seen by the Econic driver at an early stage.

Reduced reaction time and braking distance.

The Econic’s cab offers another advantage over conventional trucks. The seat position of the driver is lower in the Econic, putting him at eye level with other road users and enabling more anticipatory driving. As independent studies from Great Britain show, braking can thereby be initiated more quickly.

Econic with DirectVision cab reduces response times

Numerous safety assistants on board.

In addition, the Econic offers up to ten assistance systems in terms of safety, designed for urban use. The sensor-supported Emergency Brake Assist 5 is fitted as standard. This can warn the driver if there is a risk of a collision. If the driver does not react to the visual and acoustic warning, the system can first react with an automatic partial braking with hazard warning lights, then with full braking.

Overview of all Econic safety assistance systems

In addition, the basic equipment includes a rain and light sensor as well as a lane keeping assist system. An optionally available blind spot camera system shows – tailored to the respective driving situation – where more vulnerable road users are in the vicinity of the vehicle. In addition, the optional extras include adaptive cruise control and turning and reversing assistant.

Ergonomically designed.

Thanks to its clever low-entry concept, getting in and out of the Econic is easy and both driver and passenger can board and alight comfortably via two low steps. The highlight on the passenger side: The fully glazed folding door opens inwards. This can further minimise the risk of accidents.

While a suspended driver’s seat protects the back and joints, the spacious cab allows comfortable standing up to a height of 192 cm. Multifunctional steering wheel buttons, a clear dashboard and intuitively arranged instruments provide for the very best working conditions. The height-adjustable full air suspension on all axles creates the highest level of comfort.

Econic concrete mixer in action:

Econic as the core of the new vehicle fleet.

It’s no surprise then that CRH is backing the Econic. The building material manufacturer sends a clear signal that the safety of partners, drivers and customers is a top priority. The company has now ordered the Econic for both its branches in Ireland and Poland.. At Bosta Beton, the first Econic concrete mixer with Liebherr body is due to start work in January 2022. In the near future, the majority of the fleet will be replaced by the Econic.


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