Revolution on the taxiway.

Emission-free aircraft refuelling at Stuttgart Airport with the eEconic.

Stuttgart plays a pioneering role when it comes to advanced mobility. Innovative solutions for greater sustainability have a firm place. A prime example of this pioneering spirit is the Mercedes-Benz eEconic eRefueller – the world’s first refuelling vehicle based on an electric truck. The special truck is in use at Stuttgart Airport and conquering the taxiway with its high efficiency.

New pathways with strong partners.

The ground-breaking eEconic eRefueller is based on a collaboration between Daimler Truck AG and tanker vehicle body specialist Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. KG. Equipped with a 40,000-l-tank that is electrically operated and draws its energy directly from the vehicle’s batteries, the eEconic eRefueller represents an economically and ecologically forward-looking solution.

With the eEconic eRefueller, we can showcase an overall solution that is economically and ecologically forward-looking.

Julia Esterer, Managing Director, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. KG


Franziska Cusumano, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Julia Esterer of Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. KG highlight how this project supports the airport’s sustainability goals. The airport operator has set itself the goal of drastically reducing emissions in ground handling – a major challenge that the company is tackling with vehicles such as the all-electric eEconic.

Pioneer under the wings.

The uniqueness of the eEconic eRefueller lies not only in its electric drive, but also in its ability to travel under the aircraft’s wings. This makes refuelling even easier. The electric truck with a huge capacity of 40,000 l is more than ready for this challenge. This is enough for most aircraft at Stuttgart Airport, as they are rarely fully fuelled for weight reasons.

Skytanking, the airport’s refuelling service provider, is impressed by the high efficiency of the eEconic eRefueller in everyday operations. The ability to operate for a full day without intermediate charging underlines the vehicle’s performance. One to two charging processes per working week are usually sufficient – a testament to the extraordinary economy of the drive system.

Why eEconic?

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The “finalize!” project is an essential part of the airport’s ambitious climate strategy. Together with Skytanking and the clever minds at Aachen University of Technology, the operator is showing how protecting the environment works in practice. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is providing financial support.

A big step for the industry.

The use of the Mercedes-Benz eEconic for aircraft refuelling at Stuttgart Airport shows how ambitious sustainability goals can be achieved when business, academic and government players come together. The eEconic eRefueller is the result of genuine pioneering work and a milestone in the electrification of commercial vehicle transport.

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The eEconic.

Powerful, efficient and locally emission-free: the eEconic with pure battery-electric drive.

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