Eight hours of clean work.

Properly cleaning up in Aarhus: low-noise and locally CO2-neutral waste disposal made possible with the eEconic.

In a world that is increasingly moving towards clean and green energy, it needs companies, cities and mobility solutions that are at the forefront of this transformation. Three such pioneers in waste management are Denmark's second largest city Aarhus, the company Urbaser A/S and Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks with its battery-powered eEconic.

In Aarhus, on the east coast of Jutland, the municipality has been making efforts to improve public transport and promote the use of electric vehicles for many years. At the same time, Aarhus introduced advanced waste management and recycling programmes aimed at reducing the amount of landfill waste and recycling resources efficiently.

Pioneers in sustainability.

An important partner in this green strategy is Urbaser A/S, a global pioneer in sustainability. The company offers innovative environmental solutions and circular economy models in 19 countries. With an impressive network of over 50,000 employees, it serves more than 70 million people. Urbaser A/S is also the world's largest customer for the new eEconic – the vehicle with which Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks ushered in a new era in 2022. In cities such as Copenhagen and Vejle, Urbaser A/S already has the low-floor truck with its two electric motors in operation as a refuse collection vehicle.

Clean, silent and locally CO2-neutral.

The waste management company has ordered a total of almost 50 eEconic, which will now be handed over successively. The five new battery-electric vehicles, which are already on the road every day in Aarhus, perform their tasks cleanly, silently and locally CO2-neutral. The e-truck covers the majority of the typical Econic waste collection routes in single-shift operation – without the need for intermediate charging. With considerate driving, electrical energy can even be recovered through recuperation. This is a great advantage, especially in stop-and-go operation during refuse collection.

Charge at night, work through the day.

Stefan Olin, CEO at Urbaser A/S, backs up the advantages of the eEconic with figures: “Our first experiences with the eEconic are really good. The range is more than sufficient, even for long, not unusual operational journeys of over 100 km, around eight hours of operation and the emptying of up to 500 containers.” Charging takes place at Urbaser A/S with Kempower DC chargers, and the charging points at each car park deliver up to 80 kW to each truck – which is more than sufficient as the trucks are parked all night. This means that the disposal crews can drive the entire route during the day with just one charge and get back to work the next morning with a full battery.

Valuable customer from the very first hour.

The manufacturers are also satisfied with this sustainable cooperation. Franziska Cusumano, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks & Custom Tailored Trucks, is pleased about the joint growth of Urbaser and the electric vehicles: “Our eEconic for municipal use is being used in more and more cities as a locally CO2-neutral alternative in waste disposal. We are very pleased that Urbaser, as a valuable customer from the very beginning in this field of application, is completely satisfied with the battery electric refuse vehicle.”

The decisive factors to choose eEconic were a combination of the well-known low-entry concept, the high safety and not least the long range.

Stefan Olin, CEO, Urbaser A/S

More comfortable. Safer. For all.

The safety features and ergonomics of the eEconic also factor into the satisfaction of drivers, teams and road users: the eEconic comes with the proven features of the conventional Econic, including the DirectVision cab with a deep panoramic window and low seating position. This gives the driver direct visual contact with other road users and a good overview of the road traffic. In addition, the Turning Assistant, the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist emergency braking system and the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System for better acoustic perception increase road safety – for everyone.

The next step towards sustainability.

The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates emission-free in the local waste management industry.

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The specially coated, heated ThermoControl windscreen prevents fogging and reduces solar radiation in the interior. The crew can also enter and exit the spacious cab without straining their backs or joints. The electric drive train enables a flat cab floor, which makes it easier for the driver and passengers to climb through.

Stefan Olin summarises the three most important purchase arguments as follows: "The decisive factors for Urbaser A/S's decision to choose eEconic were a combination of the well-known low-entry concept, the high safety and not least the long range."

Optimism through practice.

Solutions like the eEconic point the way to a future of waste management that has a sustainable impact on many levels. Cities like Aarhus can save time and energy by driving the shift towards zero-emission vehicles. And companies like Urbaser A/S can manage their tasks better in three ways – because with the eEconic, waste disposal becomes more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more convenient for everyone involved.

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