The necessary drive.

The eEconic at Stadtreinigung Hamburg is a driving force for climate neutrality.

Pointing the way to a CO2-neutral city? An eEconic refuse collection vehicle in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg ensures clean roads, less noise and better air. Stadtreinigung Hamburg (SRH) is testing the vehicle for one year. If the eTruck proves itself, SRH wants to further electrify its fleet.

Driving around the port on a single charge.

The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is known in Germany for its particularly harsh and stormy weather. Even if this is not always the case, the new eEconic at Stadtreinigung Hamburg must be able to cope with the wet and cold weather in the north. Or to be more precise, its batteries have to cope.

In winter in particular, vehicle batteries are exposed to high demands. The continuous operation of headlamps and heating ultimately requires more energy than in the summer. For this reason, Stadtreinigung Hamburg is testing its eEconic for a whole year in order to try out as many weather conditions as possible. And to cover their daily assignments without opportunity charging wherever possible.

A new jewel in e-mobility.

“We are very pleased that SRH is also relying on the battery-electric eEconic,” says Franziska Cusumano, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks & Custom Tailored Trucks. Environment State Council Michael Pollmann and SRH Managing Director Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Siechau jointly presented the vehicle key to crew 11 of the city's cleaning department.

For the city of Hamburg, procurement provides an important impetus towards climate neutrality. It is firmly enshrined in the coalition agreement for 2040 signed by the parties in government. Stadtreinigung Hamburg wants to achieve this goal earlier. "Climate neutrality is one of the most important projects at SRH. By 2025 at the latest, all newly procured vehicles at SRH are planned to have alternative drives," says SRH Managing Director Prof. Dr Rüdiger Siechau.

“We are confident that a successful test of the eEconic will be a major step towards this important goal.” The approximately 400 vehicles in SRH's fleet will be gradually replaced to ensure the climate transition. Up to now, a quarter of all vehicles have been electric, primarily the small vehicles.

Crew 11 of Stadtreinigung Hamburg with its new eEconic. Photo: Stadtreinigung Hamburg/Thorge Huter
The official handover of the eEconic for SRH. Photo: Stadtreinigung Hamburg/Thorge Huter
SRH Managing Director Prof. Dr Rüdiger Siechau is proud of the new eEconic. Photo: Stadtreinigung Hamburg/Thorge Huter
Crew 11 of Stadtreinigung Hamburg with its new eEconic. Photo: Stadtreinigung Hamburg/Thorge Huter

We are confident that a successful test of the eEconic will be a major step towards climate neutrality.

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Siechau, Managing Director, Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Reduced emissions, less noise.

The new eEconic not only gets climate neutrality rolling. On the subject of emissions: the electric drive does not emit exhaust fumes and it produces less noise. “In addition to reducing CO 2 emissions, the alternative drive system also significantly reduces noise pollution in a densely populated metropolis such as Hamburg,” says Prof. Dr Rüdiger Siechau.

Especially in the early hours of the morning, the eEconic is gentle on the residents’ ears because it is not as loud. And the same applies to the driver. Less noise entering the driver’s cab primarily means less stress in the long term and has a positive effect on concentration.

Always keeping an eye on the environment and traffic.

The electric drive of the refuse collection vehicle even creates more space in the cab. The cab floor is level as a result of the electric driveline. This makes it easier to climb through the cab – a particular advantage when the driver wants to exit on the side facing away from traffic.

The turning assistant S1R and the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist also provide additional safety in urban traffic. Both are available as standard. Thanks to the generous panoramic glazing of the DirectVision cab and the low seating position, the driver always has an overview of the traffic situation. Even in frosty temperatures: the coated and heated ThermoControl windscreen prevents the window from misting up due to the weather. In summer, it reduces heating of the interior by sunlight.

With the eEconic, drivers and administration have a complete overview, including when it comes to sustainability. As an electrified commercial vehicle, it makes its contribution as a driving force for cities and communities that strive for climate neutrality.

The next step towards sustainability.


The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates emission-free in the local waste management industry.

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