Trust breeds tradition.

Hartlepool focuses on proven safety concept with five new Econic refuse collection vehicles.

As is the case with all municipal operations, experienced experts in Hartlepool in the North of England perform a critical check on all the models available before new vehicles are procured. Those responsible at this British refuse collection service have repeatedly reached a clear conclusion for many years: the Econic is the front runner when it comes to safety. The port town has been placing its trust in its proven concept for more than a decade when it comes to collecting household and commercial waste – and the successful fleet was extended in January and April 2020 to include five Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Powerful and agile.

Apart from a few exceptions, all 18 refuse collection vehicles, which are currently responsible for 43,000 households, are supplied by Bell Truck and Van, the biggest subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz in the North East of England. The new purchases are Econic 2630 models. Their 7.7 l, six-cylinder engines achieve 220 kW (299 hp) and are equipped with Allison automatic transmissions. The vehicles also have steerable rear axles for optimum manoeuvrability and waste presses from the body manufacturer Farid Hillend Engineering.

Popular with users, citizens and crew alike.

Helen Beaman, head of the team for Waste and Environmental Services in the Hartlepool area, was already aware of the newcomers' qualities beforehand: "Down the years our Econic vehicles have proven to be extremely reliable and cost-effective in operation. Their construction quality is first-class and the trucks are very popular among the employees who operate them." The Econic vehicles are even safer at work with additional improvements – and this benefits the crew, residents and other road users in equal measure.

See and be seen.

The Econic was awarded five stars in the "Direct Vision" category by Transport for London. The reasons for this are plain to see: The panoramic glazing on the windscreen guarantees the driver an extremely good overview, and this effect is enhanced by the fully glazed co-driver door. In combination with the driver's low seat position, this gives the driver direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians. A decisive safety bonus: if you see better, you can communicate better. 

Down the years our Econic vehicles have proven to be extremely reliable and cost-effective in operation.

Helen Beaman, Head of Waste and Environmental Services, Hartlepool

Offers more than a quick glance over the shoulder.

Safety has priority at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks: the Econic is fitted with the emergency braking system Active Brake Assist and is thus programmed as standard to detect other vehicles at high speeds as well as pedestrians when being driven slowly, and, ideally, to bring the vehicle to a standstill in emergency situations within the system limits. 

Another key safety assistance system in often confusing urban traffic: Sideguard Assist. Two radar sensors on the co-driver side support the driver when turning off and changing lane. If the worst comes to the worst the system triggers visual and acoustic warnings in order to draw the driver's attention to road users in the area of the blind spot. 

Safe journey all round.

Last but not least: the reversing assistance system helps the driver with radar-based technology by indicating the distance to objects and triggering visual and acoustic signals in the cab. The system can also brake the vehicle to a complete stop if the distance to an object becomes critical.

Exemplary in all respects.

The Econic's attributes – reliability, user-friendly design and exemplary safety – are rounded off by the customer service. As with all new Econic vehicles supplied via the Mercedes-Benz dealer network, the vehicles come with an extensive manufacturer's warranty covering three years or 160,000 km. "The support from Bell Truck and Van is decisive in enabling us to offer a highly efficient waste collection service for residents and businesses," Helen Beaman emphasises.

Reliable partners ex factory.

The disposal service maintains its vehicles in its own workshops, the dealer supports the service provider with know-how and its comprehensive replacement parts store. This is reassuring for the head of the team for Waste and Environmental Services, as "the expert technical advice is always just a phone call away." 

In Hartlepool the Econic and employees of the global Mercedes-Benz network have proven to be equally reliable partners in everyday working life. And a new tradition has grown out of responsible service: trust in the Econic.

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