A clean affair.

Environmentally friendly waste disposal with the eEconic.

Growing cities, global climate change, rising fuel prices: These are just a few of the challenges that municipal entrepreneurs are confronted with. This also applies to the Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH (FES), which has found an answer to the question of more efficiency and climate friendliness the all-electric eEconic from Daimler Truck AG. After the first successful series of tests, Frankfurt is now one of the cities that is exclusively testing the Special Truck in waste collection.

Kick-off for deployment.

Due to fixed routes, short distances and stop-and-go traffic, the eEconic is perfect as a garbage collection vehicle in the city. Recuperation when braking recovers energy to charge the battery, which further improves the range and efficiency of the Special Truck. Dr Ralf Forcher, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, is certain: “The eEconic is a milestone in the sustainable design of municipal logistics.”

What makes the new eEconic special?


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Dirk Remmert, Managing Director of FES, also sees the cooperation as a major step on the way to the future of urban mobility: “As a municipal waste disposal company, we contribute to the common good of our city and its sustainable development. We see the eEconic as an important component of our strategy, particularly when it comes to use as a waste collection vehicle – because it can do its job quietly and CO2-neutrally.”

As a municipal waste disposal company, we contribute to the common good of our city and its sustainable development. We see the eEconic as an important component of our strategy, particularly when it comes to use as a waste collection vehicle.

Dirk Remmert, Managing Director, FES

With the handover of the eEconic to the FES, the final test phase begins before the start of serial production, which is scheduled for summer 2022. During this time, the trained drivers put the all-electric waste collection vehicle through its paces and closely exchange views with the developers at Daimler Truck AG. Their valuable feedback is then used to fine-tune the eEconic, as the final potential discrepancies are eliminated. After the test phase, the eight eEconics that the Frankfurt waste disposal company has ordered, will be delivered.

Sustainable for the community.

The eEconic is made for city traffic with its quiet driving style and pleasant, calm driving experience. Especially in the early morning hours, it scores with its low volume. The energy recovered through recuperation when braking increases the vehicle's efficiency immensely, especially in stop-and-go traffic.

The day trips with fixed routes that are usual in waste collection and the associated planned overnight parking of the trucks in the depot make it possible to gently charge the batteries of the electric truck with a low charging capacity. In terms of charging infrastructure, the eEconic is integrated into a holistic ecosystem of Daimler Truck AG, which makes it easier for customers to add eTrucks to vehicle fleets than any other. As far as the vehicle architecture is concerned, the eEconic is also designed for maximum compatibility and experience: Its drive train is based on the Mercedes-Benz eActros, which has been in serial production since October 2021.

Clean power on the finishing straight.

Secure, comfortable and highly functional.

Apart from the new e-components, the eEconic is based on the proven advantages of the diesel-powered Econic in many areas. Its DirectVision cab with a low seat offers the driver an optimal overview of the moving traffic and direct eye contact with other road users. An innovative thermocontrol coating prevents the windscreen from fogging up, which guarantees a clear view at all times. Last but not least, the coating on the panorama window minimizes the heating of the interior.

In terms of functionality, the eEconic sets new standards - with an electrically operated rear loader from FAUN Umwelttechnik. The FAUN Variopress has a high capacity of 22 m³ and can be used universally, which makes it a highly efficient solution for disposing of various recyclable materials and waste. The optional, smooth side walls of the rear loader are also ideal as an advertising medium.

The low-floor design of the eEconic makes it easier to climb through the cabin – a particular advantage when the driver has to get out on the side away from traffic. The modern and intuitive multimedia cockpit also signifies a clear upgrade compared to the conventional Econic. In addition, the eEconic has a turning assistant and the fifth-generation emergency braking assistant Active Brake Assist as standard.

Electrically into the future.

The Daimler Truck roadmap for CO2-neutral trucks is ambitious: by 2039, only vehicles that are CO2-neutral in operation will be offered in Europe, Japan and North America. The two battery-electric models eCitaro and eActros have been in series production since 2018 and 2021 respectively. The eEconic, the FUSO eCanter and the Freightliner eCascadia will follow later this year – further locally CO2-neutral vehicles are already being planned. In the long term, all trucks and buses from Daimler Truck AG should enable CO2-neutral logistics on the road by 2050.

Commitment to E.

Sustainable solutions are characterized by the fact that they offer answers to all questions, from requirement to operation. Electromobility is therefore more than a new type of propulsion. Growing cities, global climate change, rising fuel prices: Together with the new eEconic, the Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH is taking action to counter these challenges - in the form of decreasing loads, locally adapted infrastructure solutions and thus significantly lower emissions in municipal use. An all-round clean affair.

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