Disposing waste with care.

Schwechat's waste management relies on the Econic for maximum safety and working comfort.

As waste disposal is an area of life that we are all dependent on, a high degree of reliability is required. In Austria's Schwechat, the team at the town's own waste management company, Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Schwechat (AWS), puts in a huge effort on a daily basis. Three Mercedes-Benz Econic 2630 help them to do that, while the town's citizens, personnel and decision-makers are impressed by their safety, comfort and efficiency.

Reliable guys in reliable vehicles.

The slogan "Heroes sort waste for the world" is emblazoned across each vehicle. Just as individuals can shine by sorting their waste, Schwechat's mayor, Karin Baier, considers the team at the public works depot to be a "great advertisement for the community, because our very own people are responsible for a well-functioning refuse collection system." The town's depot team and their three orange trucks take care of the waste disposal for around 10,000 households.

In 2017 the car dealer company, Pappas, won the bid for a Europe-wide invitation to tender put forward by a group of local authorities – initially two Econic trucks with custom-made waste disposal bodies from MUT and Stummer were supplied. However, there was soon a need for more: "Because the town of Schwechat was growing, we could no longer manage with two vehicles and had to buy a third Econic," Jürgen Maschl head of AWS explains.

New Econic in waste management at Biffa in England

Good entrance. Good view. Good work.

The three Econic trucks have performed impressively in all of their operations to date. The operators appreciate the comfortable low-entry design and the spaciousness in the interior: "Getting into an Econic is just like getting into a touring coach. In a conventional truck you first have to climb in which is cumbersome and the third person has to sit on a makeshift seat with their knees drawn up. Here there are three proper seats and you can stand up too as the vehicle is high enough," Christian Luksch, head of the public works depot at Schwechat, explains.

He is also impressed by the safety benefits of the DirectVision cab which has been consistently optimised to provide the best possible view: "Thanks to the low cab and the all-round glazing, the direct view of the traffic and in particular the pedestrians is much better."

Moving intelligently in all directions.

They provide for increased safety for all road users – and in part as standard: "The Econic does not only have the latest generation of Sideguard Assist," Andreas Hosinger from Pappas explains, "but also Active Brake Assist. Thanks to the safety assistance system that is installed ex works as standard, the truck automatically detects objects and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and issues an acoustic warning tone. If the driver does not react, the system automatically initiates a partial application of the brakes and then emergency braking."

The vehicles are also equipped with other safety features such as a reverse gear lock which particularly protects the staff who ride on the rear running board.

Three axles, greater load, fewer tours.

The waste disposal vehicles are comfortable and safe. Thanks to their additional axle, they can also transport greater payloads and as a result operate more efficiently: "Every day, we collect a total of 18 t of refuse. I can only load 5 t of refuse onto a two-axle truck before the maximum weight is reached. With the third axle around 13.5 t can be loaded. This saves a great deal of time as the Econic only has to return to the unloading station at Himburg once during the day." says a happy Luksch, the depot manager.

Thanks to the low cab and the all-round glazing, the direct view of the traffic and in particular the pedestrians is much better.

Christian Luksch, head of the public works depot at Schwechat

Large, strong and still agile.

The Econic is also fitted with a steerable rear axle and has a shorter wheelbase in comparison to the two-axle truck – which means the vehicle has a remarkably small turning circle. As a result every corner of Schwechat is accessible to the everyday heroes at the public works depot. And their Econic can reliably ensure that the refuse bins are emptied – economically and safely as standard.

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