More leeway
when there is little space.

Econic waste disposal vehicles impress as a solution streamlined for Berlin’s urban traffic.

Germany’s capital is constantly growing. The dynamic development of traffic volumes is hitting an infrastructure that is reaching the limits of its capacity – in short, Berlin’s roads are running out of space. Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR), the city's waste disposal company, has found an efficient and sustainable solution to improve getting through the urban jungle on its municipal waste disposal rounds: the narrow design of the Econic. Mercedes-Benz’s 30 custom-made Econic 2630 refuse collectors are a mere 2.40 m wide.


Benefits for teams, the city and the environment.

These new BSR vehicles are therefore 10 cm narrower than the usual standard vehicles – which makes a big difference in everyday waste disposal and in rush hour. “In Berlin’s inner-city traffic, every millimetre counts,” explains Wolfgang Wüllhorst, Head of BSR Fleet Management. "For many years, we have been committed to developing narrower waste disposal trucks so that our teams can get through traffic more easily. Daimler Truck AG has now shown that a technical solution is possible."


In Berlin's inner-city traffic, every millimetre counts.

Wolfgang Wüllhorst, Head of Fleet Management, Berliner Stadtreinigung

Designed for ergonomics, manoeuvrability and a good view from the cab.

In cooperation with BSR, Daimler Truck made changes to the wheel housings as well as the front and trailing steering axles. In addition to making axles narrower, the cab width has also been reduced, yet there is still plenty of space for up to three people. In addition, six of the new Econic trucks feature a wheelbase that has been shortened by 70 cm, thus making them particularly manoeuvrable.

In addition, the Econic's panoramic windscreen and glazed co-driver’s door optimise the driver’s view of the traffic situation, therefore making manoeuvring in tight inner-city environments easier.

Less traffic congestion also means more climate protection.

The streamlined refuse collector vehicles not only relieve the burden on urban traffic, but also actively contribute to protecting the climate. The new Econic enables more efficient waste collection, which ultimately saves energy. The calculation is simple: less manoeuvring and detours not only save working time, but above all reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Reliable and sustainable.

For Berlin's waste management, these Econics are another step on the way to becoming a carbon-neutral capital. As part of its sustainability strategy, Germany’s largest municipal waste management company is implementing a variety of measures to make waste disposal climate-friendly. For example, parts of the fleet have already been converted to alternative drives – in which a major role is played by electromobility. Around 260 electric vehicles are already in use today, and around half of the total of 1,800 vehicles are expected to be CO2-free by 2030.

Get to know the eEconic, the all-electric version of the Econic.


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Skinny solution – coveted beyond Berlin.

"We want to help shape the quality of life in Berlin. Sustainable and innovative procurement is an important lever here," Wolfgang Wüllhorst stresses. The current cooperation between BSR and Daimler Truck AG shows a successful cooperation that could have a signalling effect.

The Berlin-based expert is convinced that narrower refuse collection vehicles will also become increasingly more popular beyond the borders of the capital. Indeed, getting through traffic well while protecting the environment is a compelling argument in all major cities.

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