Cleaning safely.

Econic vacuum cleaning trucks ensure safer roads.

Day after day, the municipal drainage crew works tirelessly for the public. Their mission: safe roads. Their vehicle: a new Econic 2535 with a modern vacuum body built by Assmann. With its help the two crew members make sure that the drains are empty and clean every workday so that rain water can drain safely from the roads.

Work safety is top priority.

The team's working day begins at 6.00 a.m. at the vehicle depot. First they go through the "white area" where they store their everyday clothing and then into the strictly restricted "black area" where the orange work clothing is kept. This safeguards hygiene and in turn the health of the some 25 staff members at the site.

The reflective work clothing serves to make the teams more visible when they are out working. Work must often be carried out directly on the road or next to it. This is not without its dangers, which is why the safety of the crew is always top priority. And how can the new Econic help here? Thanks to the low construction of the cab, the vacuum system can be swung around to the front using remote control. As a result the operator who works directly next to the hose is shielded from the traffic by the vehicle – and thus better protected from accidents.

Fully equipped with modern safety assistance systems.

The two brand-new Econic trucks – which in terms of equipment leave almost nothing to be desired – are already waiting for the drivers at the depot. Both of these Special Trucks joined the existing fleet of vacuum cleaning vehicles in summer; until then they had all been based on conventional trucks. Due to their design, the two identical Econic vehicles have definite advantages over classic trucks: the low-entry cab can be entered comfortably and safely using just two steps. This is particularly useful when cleaning drains because the co-driver must enter and exit the vehicle often. The fully-glazed folding door on the co-driver's side is particularly convenient here.

The equipment is complemented by perfectly co-ordinated safety assistance systems. The blind spot camera system can show the driver the areas directly in front of and adjacent to the truck using cameras on the outside mirrors and above the windscreen – areas that are difficult to see using only the mirrors. The camera images are shown on a convenient split screen monitor in the cab which, depending on the situation, shows the relevant camera perspectives while the vehicle is in motion. An additional camera is attached to the telescope arm of the vacuum system and shows the area around the extraction hose when working in front of or behind the vehicle.

Econic Safety assistance systems

Sideguard Assist also monitors the area to the right of the vehicle and reports back to the driver in the form of visual and acoustic signals when it detects an obstacle or another road user such as a cyclist in the danger zone when turning. Furthermore, the emergency braking system Active Brake Assist is installed in the Econic as standard. If there is a risk of a rear-end collision or the system detects people in front of the vehicle, it can initiate automatic full-stop braking within the system's limits. In order that the emergency braking system does not trigger a false alarm when the vehicle is driving with the vacuum system in front of it, the Econic was modified accordingly by the local Mercedes-Benz Partner.

The vacuum body has everything.

The body on the Econic was developed by the specialised bodybuilder Assmann in close co-operation with Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. It is driven by a power take-off on the vehicle and is thus ready for operation in a few seconds.

In addition to the pivoting suction equipment operated by remote control, the body offers sufficient stowage space next to the tanks for all the necessary tools and the obligatory wash basin. This is supplied with warm water via its own circuit. A winch with a tensile load of 300 kg for raising drain covers is also included with the equipment as well as a lance with sufficient water pressure for precise cleaning of the covers and shafts.


Perfect for long working days.

After the usual vehicle inspection, the Econic's driver drives to the fresh-water station. The body holds a total of 1.8 m³ of water which is enough to clean around 90 drains. Therefore as a rule, the tank only needs to be refilled once on a normal working day.

Depending on the operation site, an attachment with 160 bar for collecting grit for road clearance from a pit can be used or alternatively an attachment with 80 bar and additional spray nozzles to clean storm drains. The materials extracted from the drains are then stored in a large tank with a capacity of 5 m³. The contaminated water can be pumped out separately so that the solid grit material can be easily unloaded into a tank standing by using a modern vacuum pressure system.

The entire Econic can be lowered pneumatically at the press of a button. The ground clearance can thus be adjusted to the surroundings – as a result, high kerbs are no longer a hazard. In order to be able to reach every drain in confined residential areas, the municipal vehicles must be agile. That is no problem for the Econic which is equipped with a steerable rear axle.

Both suspension seats in the cab are fully sprung so that drivers can concentrate entirely on the job at hand when they are out working. These seats reduce back strain and are very popular with the crew. Because safety and comfort are a top priority for the Econic.

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