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eEconic with new 4x2 wheel configuration: agile, powerful, sustainable.

Daimler Truck sets yet another milestone in the mobility transition with the introduction of the eEconic 4x2. The model with a new wheel configuration unites manoeuvrability with efficiency to match the requirements of municipal service providers even more. By combining a locally emission-free drive, high manoeuvrability and state-of-the-art safety systems, the eEconic 4x2 offers an optimal solution for use in densely populated areas.

Available from 2024 April onwards!

The 4x2 wheel configuration will be available from April 2024. Find out more about the technical data!

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Rethinking the tried and tested.

At the heart of the new eEconic 4x2 is the advanced electric motor, which ensures locally emission-free and low-noise operation – ideal for use in the city. The specially developed 4x2 wheel configuration enables excellent manoeuvrability, which helps the driver navigate comfortably, even on narrow roads and with frequent stops. In addition, there are the tried-and-tested assistance systems that enable the Special Truck to achieve maximum safety in road traffic.

Heading economically into the future.

The 4x2 axle configuration offers many advantages: its lower weight allows for a higher payload. This is particularly beneficial for tasks where the permissible gross combination weight plays a critical role and every opportunity for optimisation needs be seized upon. In addition, the rolling resistance is reduced by the reduced number of axles. As a result, the considerably improved power consumption can lead to significant savings. This makes the eEconic 4x2 an economically appealing option.

Discover the eEconic in 3D.

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Enjoy a 360-degree glimpse into the cab and see for yourself the concept advantages of the eEconic.

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The launch of the eEconic 4x2 demonstrates Daimler Truck’s ongoing commitment to the electrification of the commercial vehicle market. The manufacturer is continuously advancing sustainability in urban mobility and is taking another step towards an environmentally friendly and safer future with the new axle configuration.

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