Comfort in two steps.

Compared with its predecessor model, the 2023 Econic Diesel impresses with new features.

Even more comfort, simplified operation, a better overview – two steps is all it takes. Two steps to access the cab of the new Econic. The 2023 model boasts many new interior features. Above all, these features reduce driver’s fatigue and increase comfort while working. An overview of all the innovations.

A vehicle you will never want to leave.

Compared with its predecessor model, comfort levels in the new Diesel Econic 2023 have reached even greater heights. All of the new features are designed to make work for the driver more comfortable. The overhauled door locking system is a good example. It has a new lock and a new door control panel on the driver’s side. This can be used to control the windows, adjust the mirrors and extend the roller sunblind. Very easy to operate with your left hand.

Everything at a glance.

All information for the driver is gathered here: the instrument cluster with graphics-compatible 12.7 cm TFT display and video function as standard. It provides comprehensive data on the Econic’s driving and operating conditions and is positioned ergonomically in the driver’s field of vision. Two displays show the time as well as the outside temperature, trip mileage and total distance. Thanks to the white dials on a black background, the data is shown in a non-glare display – thus avoiding misinterpretations.

The instrument cluster also includes a connection for an optional reversing camera, shown on the LED display. This also increases occupational safety and comfort. Audible signals are output using the external speaker installed in the headliner.

The driver can also keep an eye on everything around them. The new LED headlamps ensure a safe working environment in the dark and also visually enhance the 2023 Econic Diesel.

Key moments.

The vehicle keys are now equipped with radio remote control to open and close your Econic even when you are a short distance away. The “Keyless Start” function allows you to start your vehicle without having to take out the key.

The key just has to be in the vicinity of the steering wheel. This is particularly useful if you frequently leave the vehicle while using it and don’t want the fuss with a key each time – an all-round practical feature.

You will still benefit from the Econic’s low entry access if your work involves lots of quick stops and have to frequently enter and exit the vehicle. Two steps for comfort, easy to access after your work is done.

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