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Sweden driving forward the transport transition with the eEconic.

Sweden’s capital is a pioneer in environmentally and climate-friendly road transport. In as early as 2017, Stockholm was one of the first cities in the world to introduce a congestion charge to reduce traffic and improve air quality. Swedish traffic safety company TMA Bolaget AB has also embraced this pioneering spirit in its project to reduce noise and emissions. It goes without saying that they have done this with an eEconic. Or, to be more precise: with two.

Idyllic location as a curse and blessing.

Sweden’s capital is embedded in a unique natural landscape. On Stockholm’s 14 islands, more than 50 bridges connect the city centre with the eastern part of Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. But Stockholm’s idyllic location is both a curse and a blessing: the constant growth of the metropolis presents the mobility sector in particular with increasing challenges. 

At the same time, Stockholm is focused on sustainable and natural urban development. In addition to a large number of parks and green spaces as well as the expansion of the bicycle network, the reduction of CO₂ emissions plays a significant role in this. And it’s no wonder that the number of electric trucks on Swedish roads is by the minute.

The same also applies to TMA Bolaget AB. The company has recently added two new eEconic vehicles to its fleet. It is the first time that Mercedes-Benz Trucks has delivered electric TMA vehicles in Sweden.


Mattias Karlsson, CEO, TMA Group



Low emissions and low risk.

The abbreviation TMA stands for Truck Mounted Attenuator, in other words, a mobile impact absorber. Such bodies are mounted on the rear of a vehicle – usually together with corresponding traffic signals – in order to secure short-term roadworks and protect all parties involved in the event of a collision. TMA Bolaget AB secures road traffic in urban Stockholm and nearby Mälardalen by the lake with these impact absorbers.

For TMA, the eEconic comes at exactly the right time: after all, it was developed as the all-electric successor to the tried-and-tested Econic specifically for locally emission-free and safe deployment in urban environments. With its characteristic low-entry cab concept and a proven safety system that protects all road users, the vehicle offers an optimal ergonomic, safe and less stressful working environment for its drivers.

“The two eEconics are the latest addition to our fleet and represent an important decision for our future path to reduce the environmental impact while we continue to work towards a safe road traffic in Stockholm,” says Mattias Karlsson, CEO of TMA Group.

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Commitment to the future.

Pär Hildestrand – eMobility Manager at Veho Import, the general distributor for Daimler Truck in Sweden – emphasises how important it is for electric trucks to be put onto the road quickly in various segments and applications. “With its ergonomics and safety features, the eEconic is a perfect vehicle for zero-emission city operation,” says Pär Hildestrand. “It is mainly used in waste management, but there are many other possible applications for this vehicle, and this is a perfect example.”

Econic: roadside assistance with a star

The two new additions to the fleet were delivered by vehicle dealer and service provider Bilia AB. For the latter, the switch to the eEconic is also a commitment to the future, says the responsible customer advisor, Stefan Larsson: “this delivery is an important milestone for Bilia and Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Stockholm and for the future opportunities to be an important partner for TMA in the transition to zero-emission solutions.”


Mikael Carlsson, CEO, bodybuilder Vicky Teknik


The vehicles were equipped by bodybuilder Vicky Teknik, a company that has many years of experience with TMA bodies. The eEconic vehicles are equipped with insulated box bodies, a separate battery system with an operating capacity of around 20 hours per charge, and additionally with four 380 W solar panels.

“It goes without saying that we are aware of the ongoing transition to zero-emission requirements, and this is influencing and definitely setting new standards for the way we work and the solutions we offer,” says Mikael Carlsson, CEO of Vicky Teknik. “That’s why it’s very exciting to be able to deliver these two very special eEconics to TMA.”

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The Econic.

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