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Econic tows stranded cars from narrow Paris roads.

With over two million inhabitants and around 50 million tourists every year, inner-city traffic in Paris rarely comes to a halt. Unless forced to do so when stranded cars block the roads. Then the narrow inner-city streets and alleys quickly get congested. For the breakdown recovery services in the French capital this means: act fast! and be flexible. Because very often there is no space for extensive manoeuvring in the labyrinth of Parisian streets that are often over-crowded. A truck with compact dimensions and enough power to tow stranded vehicles is in great demand there. In other words: the Econic.

At the scene of a breakdown fast.

Jige International, a renowned manufacturer of equipment for road recovery has converted an Econic 1830 4x2 into a tow truck for the breakdown recovery team of a Parisian company. Thanks to the 5.10 m long wheelbase and PowerShift transmission, the agile Econic can reach the scene of a breakdown through narrow and over-crowded streets with ease. The 6-cylinder inline OM 936 engine with 7.7 l displacement and 219 kW/299 hp ensures that the truck can transport heavy loads reliably. The Econic tow truck can load up to three cars onto its two-level tipper platform.

Breakdown assistance is teamwork.

The spacious cab of the Econic provides enough room for up to four occupants. This is of benefit to the breakdown recovery service for two reasons. In the case of an operation offering immediate help, when a stranded vehicle is to be made roadworthy on site, all of the necessary technical help can be taken to the scene.

If the Econic is called to tow a vehicle, it doesn't just take the faulty vehicle but also the driver and passengers to the next workshop – a super service for stranded car drivers.

The body of the Econic tow truck offers sufficient space for broken-down vehicles.
Stranded vehicles can be loaded easily.
Jige International has optimised the towing body for the Econic.
The Econic tow truck takes broken-down vehicles fast and reliably to the nearest workshop.
Generously dimensioned windows provide the driver of the Econic with good visibility in cramped inner-city traffic.
Large mirrors on the Econic increase the driver's field of vision.
The Econic has safety systems – such as a 360° camera system for example – for all the areas around the truck which the driver cannot see directly.
Interfaces on the Econic provide valuable help to the breakdown recovery team during operations offering immediate help.
The body of the Econic tow truck offers sufficient space for broken-down vehicles.

Takes passenger and loads safely to their destination.

Even entry into the Econic is as easy as possible for stranded car drivers without any experience of trucks. Thanks to the Low-Entry concept passengers only need climb one single step – a distinct advantage over the inconvenient entry into conventional trucks which also carries a considerably greater risk of accident.

Paris digs the Econic: the Special Truck also transports refrigerated goods in the French capital.

The generously dimensioned windows in the DirectVision cab and many safety assistance system also provide the best requirements for a safe journey to the next workshop. The Econic driver has a broad field of vision to see traffic and is supported by reliable assistance systems wherever a direct view is not possible. A 360° camera system, Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist for example. protect passengers in the Econic and all other road users.

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