Deliveries in London:
a task perfect for the Econic.

Caterer Brakes is using the environmentally friendly Econic in their food logistics operations.

Green logo, green thinking: Brakes, the UK's leading provider of produce in the gastronomy sector isn't just switching the contents of its own refrigerated vehicles over to environmentally friendly alternatives, even the vehicles themselves are chosen accordingly. A new, white Econic has hit the roads of London for Brakes and is their first of this model series. Equipped with a refrigerated body and automated manual transmission, the Econic is the perfect vehicle for the task. There's no other vehicle that is so frugal with fuel which has such a city-friendly design.

And the consumption is even better in combination with the PowerShift system.

"Delivering on a cleaner-burning diesel alternative for London" is emblazoned on the refrigerated body of the Econic. And despite this mission, the environmentally conscious catering company doesn't have to make any compromises when it comes to performance. The Special Truck masters difficult tasks like delivering food products in the tight traffic of London with ease. The 18-tonne truck with low-entry cab is driven by a high-torque 7.7-litre six-cylinder inline engine, has an output of 220 kW (299 hp) and is equipped with the 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 system.

Econic in Paris: fresh and frozen.

Paul Vernon, Fleet and Manual Handling Equipment Manager at Brakes, knows just how good the new PowerShift system is as a consumption-optimised alternative to the proven six-speed Allison automatic transmission. Especially when it comes to the regular starts and stops involved in delivery work, the company anticipates comparatively lower fuel consumption, he explains.

Efficient solutions for reducing emissions.

Just like other vehicles in the Brakes fleet, the Econic also runs on Shell GTL fuel (Gas to Liquid) – a paraffin-free diesel for which no engine adjustments are required. Research has proved that this fuel can drastically reduce pollutant and particulate emissions in comparison with a standard Euro VI truck.

The PIEK-conform ICELAND Twincool refrigerating machine from Carrier Transicold installed on the Econic is powered by water power from the engine. Driven by power take-off shafts, this multi-temperature system offers optimum output even when the engine is at idling speeds. The benefit? The environmental footprint of the vehicle has been reduced thanks to the lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

Equipped like a pro, optimised for city traffic.

Just like all Econic trucks, the food delivery truck from Brakes is fully air sprung, features a low-drawn panoramic windscreen and a top-to-bottom fully-glazed co-driver's door. The driver sits at eye level with endangered road users. And everyone benefits from that.

The cab of the Econic offers the driver excellent all-round visibility which, in turn, helps make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.


Paul Vernon, Manager, Brakes

The Special Truck can also be equipped with numerous safety assistance systems. A blind spot camera system, Active Brake Assist 4, Sideguard Assist and many more systems protect the Econic driver and other road users. When it comes to safety measures, the Econic is at the top of the game.


Overview of the Econic safety assistance systems.

A partnership to success.

In the past, Mercedes-Benz trucks have served Brakes well, too. The catering supplier operates around 1500 temperature-controlled trucks. And the vast majority of the vehicle fleet is made up of 18-tonne trucks and 300 delivery vans from a nationwide network of 20 depots. Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the Rygor dealership group make up around half of the entire fleet.

It's also a worthwhile financial investment. "Our Mercedes-Benz trucks are accompanied by service contracts which allow us to know exactly what we are paying for our vehicles over their entire operational life," explains Paul Vernon. And with their impressive product life cycle, these total costs are extremely attractive. Typically Econic.

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