Non-stop progress.

The Mercedes-Benz Econic is turning 25.

A forerunner celebrates its anniversary: thanks to its constant improvement and the courage to break new ground, the Econic has secured a pioneering role in the industry. The innovative Special Truck proves its versatility in waste management, road construction, transport and many other areas of application. With the introduction of environmentally friendly drive solutions such as natural gas technology and all-electric drive, the Econic has shown what the future of mobility looks like.

A star is born.

Our journey begins in 1998, when Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks unveils the first Econic as a groundbreaking low-floor special vehicle. What the audience at the “Entsorga” trade fair at the time does not know: Over the next 25 years, the Econic will drive innovation in the areas of economy and environmental friendliness and leave its mark on the world’s roads.

Right at the beginning, back then still in Arbon, a small town on the Swiss side of Lake Constance, the Special Truck makes industrial history. Due to the great initial success of the low-entry star, the portfolio will be expanded three years later to include a 6x4 and an 8x4/4 drive variant. In 2002, Mercedes-Benz Trucks then demonstrates the sustainability of the truck: the Econic becomes the first vehicle in its class to be powered by natural gas.

One truck, many tasks.

The success story continues.

In 2003, production of the Econic moves to Wörth, where it is still located today. Just two years later, the 5,000th Econic to roll off the production line is celebrated there – proof of its increasing popularity among users worldwide. In 2009, the Econic breaks the barrier of 1,500 vehicles delivered per year, and two years later the production counter shows an impressive 10,000 units.

With the world premiere of the new Econic generation in 2013, the basic components that are still in use today are established. In order to continue to meet its commitment to sustainability, a further important milestone is reached in 2022: the introduction of the fully electric eEconic, which now supplements the conventional model.

The next step towards sustainability.


The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates locally emission-free in the waste disposal industry.

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Around 28,000 units of the Econic have already been built and delivered. Most of them – about 85% - are doing an excellent job in waste management. A further 5% are indispensable helpers for fire brigades, often as turntable ladder vehicles. And the rest? They do a great deal of work as tippers and concrete mixers on construction sites, as refuelling and catering vehicles at airports and in many other areas. A vehicle for every situation!

Committed to sustainability.

With the Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology), Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks reaches the next level of environmental compatibility in March 2015. Compressed natural gas as a fuel gives the vehicle an up to 20% improved CO₂ balance during operation. The use of renewable biogas enables this achievement to be expanded even further. The performance values are comparable to those of a diesel engine. Around 10% of Econic vehicles sold to date have an NGT drive system.

In 2022, the Econic NGT finally passes on the torch of sustainability to a worthy successor: the all-electric eEconic. Since mass production began last autumn, the locally CO₂-neutral and quiet clean vehicle has enriched urban traffic. With high efficiency thanks to recuperation in stop-and-go traffic, the battery-powered Special Truck is predestined for waste collection.

More than just resolutions.

The three battery packs of the eEconic with a total capacity of 336 kWh enable a range of up to 150 km. One single charge is usually sufficient for everyday urban routes in single-shift operation. The batteries can be charged at up to 160 kW during off-hours overnight at the depot. This procedure not only protects the batteries, but also enables the use of more cost-effective electricity tariffs, which further increases the economic efficiency of the e-truck.

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More than a lorry.

Whether two-axle, three-axle or four-axle: the Econic is ready for any task. With an engine output of 200 kW (272 hp) to 260 kW (354 hp) and the option of choosing between automatic and manual transmission, the vehicle concept offers maximum flexibility and versatility. But it doesn't end with the standard models: Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) offers tailor-made solutions for special requirements – be it a shorter wheelbase or a narrower vehicle width.

In its wide range of versions, the Econic has now reached cities and countries all over the world. From Athens to Scandinavia to the Vatican, the low-entry truck has proven its ergonomic and safety advantages in urban traffic. Its striking appearance can be admired in a wide range of areas. After 25 years of progress, the Econic is known as a pioneer for a sustainable future. Whatever challenges urban transport will face in the coming years, one thing is certain: The Econic will continue to lead the way.

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