The Econic design.

Responsibly designed. Responsible in action.

A unique concept specifically designed for everyday and practical use: As a state-of-the-art low-entry vehicle the Econic copes with the demands upon a commercial vehicle. It enhances working efficiency and is way ahead of its time. Be it in municipal use, consolidated or short-radius distribution transport operations or in many further applications.

Active employement protection by low-entry.

In the centre of the Econic design is a pioneering idea: low-entry. By that getting in and out is much easier and safer than in virtually any other commercial vehicle. Compared with ordinary trucks hundrets of height meter can be saved with the Econic on a busy working day. The full air suspension with a lifting and lowering function on all axles is also better for back and joints. Additional an ergonomic seat, intuitive disposed instruments, a steering wheel with multifunctional keys and clear fittings carrier provide health-preserving working conditions.

Advantages of the Econic.

  • Panoramic window for maximum visibility
  • Ergonomic easy-access low-entry cab
  • Innovative safety systems
  • Sustainable and economical diesel and natural gas drive concepts
  • Variable body options for custom solutions
  • Permitted gross vehicle weight of 18 t to 26 t

For safety purposes of weaker road users.

Thanks to panoramic window and low seating position the driver always keeps the overview in the Econic. The direct view on street and side walk is a major advantage over conventional trucks. And important for the safety of weaker road users. Because drivers seeing the happening with their own eyes can drive more providently and better assess hazardous situations and react faster.


The Econic safety assistants

Included as standard: the highly effective emergency braking system Active Brake Assist. In danger of collision with standing and moving objects it automatically initiates a braking. Additionally the optional blind-spot camera system supports and protects. Or by request the turning-off-assistent, that not only recognizes cyclists and pedestrians, but also alerts the driver acoustically and visually. Not for nothing the Econic counts for one of the safest commercial purpose vehicles.

For economically use.

Act out great achievement in the narrowest space – that's the domain of the Econic. The unique low-entry concept, a strong powertrain and the high good body-mounting ability give it the necessary flexibilty for numerous operations.

For municipal use the low-entry cab is a big adavantage. Thanks to easy getting in, comfortable headroom in the vehicle interior and the inwards-opening folding door, which enables to exit and enter on the safe side of the vehicle away from the traffic, work is done easier.

No-waste disposal.

In short-radius distribution transport the Econic scores especially by its maneuverability and excellent handling. Particularly in narrow city streets or when cars parked in second row narrow the roadway.

Also as a basic vehicle for turntable ladder, hydraulic platform, tanker or fire truck the Econic is the right choice. Numerous body-mounting possibilities makes the Special Truck a professional partner in firefighting.

Consequently trimed on low construction-method, the Econic is furthermore exactly the right one for the apron. Because the cab fits nearly under every plane, a fast and uncomplicated assembly of the cabins with catering requirement or a fast refueling without difficult ranking is possible.

Also in construction traffic within the city the Econic does an outstanding job: with crane construction, as a concrete mixer or dump truck. Due to the outstanding overview in traffic, the Econic contributes substantially to general road safety. In particular towards weaker road users.

Econic scores in safety concept CLOCS.

Easy to unload and additionally quite and low emissions: the Econic NGT BlueTec 6 in short-radius distribution transport.
The Econic 2630 with concrete mixer for the CLOCS-project at UK (London).
In use at Wisag Airport Services airport Frankfurt: the Econic 2630 Doll lifting vehicle.
Thanks to panoramic window the Econic offers a maximum overview on pedestrians and cyclists.
Made for firefighters use: the Econic 1830 with turntable ladder made by Metz.
Safe and with low emissions on the road: Stuttgarter waste disposal relies on the Econic 2630 NGT.
Easy to unload and additionally quite and low emissions: the Econic NGT BlueTec 6 in short-radius distribution transport.

For the environment.

The Econic combines economic efficiency with environmental care exemplary. Because next to the efficient euro 6 diesel engines the Econic is also avalable with an innovative natural gas drive – extremely quite and low emissions. At the burning of natural gas results round about 20 percent less CO2. That means: free rides in environmental zones. At usage of biogas the CO2-balance-sheet is even neutral. So the Econic brings the sense of responsibility on the street, which today is expected by modern companies.


Please note:

The Econic NGT is a discontinued model. The end of production has been announced for 31.12.2021, therefore the vehicle can no longer be ordered after 30.10.2021.

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