Stay cool.

More pleasant climate in the Econic cab with Mercedes-Benz engine insulation.

Where there's a lot of power, there's a lot of warmth. The Econic boasts a powerful diesel engine, but because of this, it can get a little warmer in the cab than desired. The newly developed engine insulation puts an end to this. Now, a more pleasant temperature is guaranteed as standard – and at the same time saves energy because the air conditioning can be switched off more often.

With a cool head in the cab.

In order to be able to concentrate at work, truck drivers must feel comfortable – this is where the right climate in the cab helps. It's important for Econic drivers to keep a cool head, especially when they're out on the road all day: so they are more comfortable and drive better.

The engine tunnel's thermal insulation consists of a three-part damping device made of EPP particle foam. This is mounted in the middle of the cab interior, directly below the centre seat. With this ex-works solution designed by our Daimler Truck team of experts, engine heat is now effectively kept at bay.


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