Shaping the next.

How Mercedes-Benz Trucks shapes eMobility.

Making a contribution: that's the declared aim of Mercedes-Benz. We want to make a contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions, a contribution towards the individual mobility of innumerable people all over the world, and a contribution towards the efficient, economical use of commercial vehicles. Absolutely crucial for this now and in the future: alternative drive technologies. Laura Gänzle, Head of Business Solutions eMobility Group DTB, and Jasper Hafkamp, Head of Global Marketing Mercedes-Benz Trucks, explained in a Deep Dive just how the trucks segment in particular is going to use the opportunities of eMobility. Their video contribution as part of the NOW & NEXT digital event is now available for viewing.

eMobility is everywhere.

"Shaping the now and next" is the full title of a digital event organised by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, where current and future topics regarding the truck business were presented to the public. The topic of eMobility combines the present, the future and even the past. That's because Mercedes-Benz has been looking into the possibilities of eMobility for years now, Jasper Hafkamp explains in the video. Together with a group of pilot customers, they set up an "innovation fleet" to gather new experience. And because first-hand reports are always the most relevant, we can hear some of these pilot customers themselves. For example Rainer Schmitt, Managing Director of Schmitt, a logistics company. He tested the fully-electric eActros together with his team – and thought it was really good.

Complete ecosystem.

For Mercedes-Benz Trucks, eMobility is more than just a type of drive technology, however. "We think it's important that it's embedded in a complete ecosystem," says Laura Gänzle. "That includes e-specific services, charging infrastructure solutions and individual advice." She describes in the video just how "eMobility Consulting" works.

Are you eTruck ready?

Does it make sense for your own company to switch from commercial vehicles with traditional drive to fully electric vehicles? Customers can now analyse this quite simply themselves – with the help of Daimler eTruck ready. Using the newly developed app from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, users can find out if they can cover their daily routes with an eActros. An extension of the app to the eEconic is in the planning stage. The app can run on both Android and iOS operating systems and is available for download from the Play Store and the App Store.

More information at: etruckready.daimler-truck.com

The eEconic is on its way!

Particularly for inner-city waste disposal, the conditions for deploying commercial vehicles with fully-electric drive could hardly be better: short journeys, fixed planned routes, a lot of stop and go traffic. Based on the development of the eActros, which is due to go into series production from 2021, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is therefore currently developing the eEconic. "The eEconic is a major milestone for municipal logistics in a sustainable form," says Dr Ralf Forcher, Head of Marketing, Sales and Service for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks with conviction.

Future at work.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros and later the eEconic will in future leave the assembly line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. The electric truck models are being planned flexibly there next to trucks with conventional drive. Basically, the manufacture of different vehicle types should happen in as integrated a manner as possible and the basic structure of the vehicle should be made on one line – regardless of whether it is fitted with a conventional combustion engine or an electric drivetrain. Depending on the vehicle type, certain adjustments will be made to the production process.

Watch all talks of the NOW&NEXT event:

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