Clean power on
the finishing straight.

The fully electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic is on its way.

Daimler Trucks & Buses is committed to CO2 neutrality – by 2039, only vehicles with no local emissions will be sold in Europe, Japan and large parts of North America. Customer testing for the battery-powered eEconic will start in 2021, which will be the next step in electrifying trucks.

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E-drive stands for eco-friendliness and efficiency.

Fixed routes, short trips, stop-start: the eEconic is perfectly suited to use as a refuse collection vehicle. By drivers adopting a pre-emptive driving style, electrical energy from braking can be recuperated and used to charge the battery, thus extending the range and the efficiency of the eEconic even further. Dr Ralf Forcher, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, is convinced: "The eEconic is a major milestone for sustainable municipal logistics."

The eEconic is a major milestone for sustainable municipal logistics.

Dr Ralf Forcher, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks

Locally emission-free and very quiet – two qualities that make the eEconic the perfect solution for use in urban areas, as they impact the quality of life of both residents and the vehicle crew. The crew also benefit from the low-entry, easily accessible DirectVision cab with panoramic windscreen, a glazed co-driver's door for an even better view of other road users, and a range of intelligent safety assistance systems such as Sideguard Assist.

Overview of Econic safety assistance systems

In the slipstream of the eActros.

The eEconic is based on the eActros, which is already in intensive operation and will go into series production in 2021. Gesa Reimelt, Head of E-Mobility Group at Daimler Trucks & Buses explains why uniform technologies and vehicle architecture for electric vehicles should be facilitated worldwide: "That way, synergies of development can be speeded up enormously." A global platform strategy has been developed for this purpose.

The eEconic is the first major step towards emission-free municipal operation – the future of the fully electric vehicle is beginning now.

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