Electric load.

Daimler Truck welcomes eEconic as a new employee.

When it comes to the future, something is happening behind the factory gates at Daimler Truck. The all-electric eEconic is being promoted to a new work area: haulage. At the Wörth plant. Right where the eEconic itself is manufactured. At the commercial vehicle trade fair NUFAM 2023, body manufacturer Bickel-Tec presents the eEconic adapted for transport. In addition, the general agency Knoblauch from Immendingen presents a broad portfolio of Unimog with various bodies at the fair. And of course, the hydrogen-powered Unimog WaVe also makes an appearance.

Back to the roots.

In Wörth, the eEconic will soon not only be in, but also at the factory. The electrically powered truck transports exactly the same chassis that will later be installed in its fellow vehicles: from the end of the production line to the coating facility. The motto: eEconic transports eEconic. 

But this is no ordinary eEconic from the production line. If you can ever speak of “ordinary” at all when it comes to the eEconic.

Climate-friendly and weather-resistant.

When hauling such strong chassis, you need broad shoulders: that's why the in-house transformation specialists at Custom Tailored Trucks have lengthened the wheelbase of the eEconic from 4.00 to 5.50 m. The new Wörth factory helper now measures a proud 12 m in length, 3 m in width and 4 m in height. Its payload, including the body, is an impressive 13,035 kg.

And the wheelbase is not the only special design that distinguishes the eEconic in Wörth from its model colleagues.


A cover for the precious cargo.

The professionals from the body manufacturer Bickel-Tec in Rheinau, Baden, equipped the 330 kW high-performance eEconic with electro-hydraulic ramps and a ComeUp Walrus 22.0 electric winch with up to 9.9 t pulling force.

Since the eEconic chassis have to be transported for painting, the plant's own eEconic has to be one thing above all: waterproof. The special body from Bickel-Tec therefore also includes an Edscha TS CurtainSider tarpaulin frame as well as tarpaulin rollers with which the precious freight can be protected against the elements.

Interested in a live show?

The new eEconic from Wörth will make its first big appearance at the NUFAM 2023 commercial vehicle trade fair. The eEconic will be presented by the participating body manufacturer, Bickel-Tec GmbH, in Halle 3, Stand C 350.

Commercial vehicle fair NUFAM

The NUFAM is the leading trade fair for the commercial vehicle industry, gathering experts from Germany and Europe and offering trade fair visitors a multifaceted insight into the latest developments from the industry.

21.–24. September 2023 in Rheinstetten.

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In addition to the new eEconic, the Unimog general agency from Immendingen will present a total of eight Unimog at the NUFAM 2023 – from both the implement carrier series as well as an extreme off-road version . Besides various municipal implements and body attachments, Knoblauch will also be presenting a crane vehicle and a fire-fighting version of the Unimog.

A special highlight is the Unimog U 4023, which has been equipped with a camper body from the renowned body manufacturer Hellgeth Engineering. The outstanding feature of the Unimog U 4023: it can be registered as a camper van ready for travelling with 7.49 t permissible total mass. Those who have had their fill of the exhibits in the interior can examine the top model Unimog U 535 in an agricultural design on the outdoor grounds.

At booth E 418 in the dm Arena in Rheinstetten, F&B Nutzfahrzeug-Technik GmbH will also present the WaVe Unimog, a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog based on the Unimog U 430 implement carrier with a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

Hydrogen-powered Unimog as a climate-neutral commercial vehicle when in operation.

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