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Mercedes-Benz Uptime for the Econic increases plannability and efficiency.

The reduction of unplanned workshop visits and non-operational times to a minimum: that is the goal of every fleet manager. Mercedes-Benz Uptime supports you in your efforts by intelligently networking the latest technologies. Previously used successfully in the Actros in particular, from this autumn, the Uptime system is now also available for the Econic.

Planning with the latest vehicle data.

The principle behind Mercedes-Benz Uptime: to bundle all of the relevant information on the vehicle and make it available where it is needed – automatically and in the shortest time. Thus the risk of unplanned vehicle downtimes is minimised and upcoming repairs can be better co-ordinated. This increases vehicle availability, making completion of jobs in the company using the Econic even more efficient.

Every day, the systems on-board the Econic generate several gigabytes of data which can be used for various aspects of vehicle diagnostics. From fill level displays for oil and lubricants to average fuel consumption and the charge level of the battery. In the event of a problem, service workshops can find the cause of an error, before the vehicle reaches the workshop.

Advantages which pay off.

Fast assistance for maintenance, efficient repair management and the intelligent prevention of predictable downtimes make Mercedes-Benz Uptime a valuable tool for fleet managers.

How intelligent planning is profitable:

  • Fast assistance for repairs
    Not carrying out repairs in good time often increases wear and may even lead to breakdowns or damage. To avoid this, Mercedes-Benz Uptime automatically provides information and specific recommendations for action. For Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are already equipped with Uptime around half of the workshop visits have been avoided thanks to the early detection of errors.

  • Efficient management of repairs and maintenance
    Based on the conveyed vehicle data, the responsible service partner can bundle upcoming maintenance and repair work and then suggest an appointment date which is optimally co-ordinated with the individual tour plan and required upcoming maintenance. Thanks to better plannability of required measures Mercedes-Benz Partners in Europe can reduce the diagnosis of errors in the workshop to just a third of the time. This also creates maximum transparency for fleet managers with regard to time and costs as the necessary maintenance work is known prior to the workshop visit.

  • Prevention of predictable downtimes
    Prevention of predictable downtimes If Uptime detects any sign of potential downtime, the system immediately informs the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center (CAC). If an immediate repair is necessary, the CAC provides support by helping to organise a repair appointment which fits in perfectly with the individual route and transport assignments. Necessary spare parts can be ordered by workshops in advance based on the vehicle information to minimise non-operational times as much as possible.

An overview of everything online.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime users can call up their vehicle data at any time in the online portal using their own individual access. The portal provides a complete, up-to-date overview of the status of vehicles used, wear parts and operating fluids. As well as current reports, practical instructions for action are also issued. This allows optimal maintenance and repair scheduling.

If the Fleetboard telematics service is used in addition to Mercedes-Benz Uptime all of the data generated via Mercedes-Benz Uptime are also displayed in the Fleetboard cockpit. This means it is not necessary to work in two systems parallelly.

More information on Mercedes-Benz Uptime

All of the facts about Mercedes-Benz Uptime applying to all model series can be found online at:

Included in the service contract.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime is an integral part of the Mercedes-Benz Complete, Select and SelectPlus service contracts. All of the other service contracts from Mercedes-Benz can also be combined with Mercedes-Benz Uptime. The ideal combination of intelligent vehicle connectivity and Mercedes-Benz service contract means that users benefit twice over.

Consultants at Mercedes-Benz service partners are available for any individual questions concerning Mercedes-Benz Uptime.


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