Like a fish in water.

The British transport company Gold Fish Transport has found the perfect truck for work in the City of London: the Econic.

Home to millions of people, the city of London is a constantly evolving metropolis. In fact, the UK capital, built on the River Thames, is like a river itself: it never stands still. With so much going on, London needs vehicles like the Econic by Mercedes-Benz to be a master of all kinds of situations, from the challenging terrain of a construction site to navigating traffic alongside hundreds of thousands of other road users during the city's notorious rush hour.

And for Gold Fish Transport, its new Econic 2630 L and 1827 Ls are perfect: the trucks not only move effortlessly through traffic like a fish in water, they also combine off-road capability, vision, ergonomics and comfort to make work and transport a breeze.

Two vehicles, all the features.

The company operates a fleet of 30 trucks from its Brentwood site, which for the first time now includes two Mercedes-Benz vehicles: right from the get-go, the 26-tonner and 18-tonner acquired from the dealer Motus Truck & Van, with financing from Mercedes-Benz Finance, have made a dazzling impression.

To start with, the vehicles are technically outstanding, with their 7.7-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with an output of 300 hp and 272 hp. Then there's the automated 12-speed manual gearbox from Mercedes PowerShift 3. The bodies were manufactured in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, by ZJB Engineering.

Top notch: it's plain to see.

The two black-painted gold pieces were purchased mainly for their exemplary safety features. Above all, the uniquely good view of the traffic: with their deep windscreens and custom-made, fully glazed passenger doors, the models provide drivers with an unparalleled view of their surroundings.

The Econic has been awarded five stars in the "Direct Vision" category by Transport for London. And it isn't hard to see why: combined with the driver's low seat position, the panoramic glazing gives the driver direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians. And if you can see better, you can also communicate better.

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Challenges in construction and transport.

Working in the capital requires vigilance and the best possible support from technology and safety aids. Lee Nix, Transport Director at Gold Fish, explains just why these features are so important: "Our trucks are almost exclusively used in London, where they supply large high-rise and civil engineering sites. This is already difficult terrain, but our drivers repeatedly report that the real challenge is the countless pedestrians and cyclists."

Transport Director Nix explains further: "Our drivers also love the fact that the vehicles are so easy to climb into– you can get in and out easily using just one step." The Econic’s ground clearance is also ideal for construction sites: "The way you can adjust the height of the Econic with the air suspension is really impressive."

Not just a vehicle: a complete, friendly service and expertise too!

Lee Nix also praised Motus Truck & Van and its service: "Sales Manager Steve Thurbon has done a great job. He has worked hard for us, explaining all the features of the model in detail, handling the order smoothly, managing relations with the body manufacturer and keeping us up to date at all times."

Lee was equally impressed by the truck service from Jessica Bevan and her colleagues, with their friendly and professional approach: "We're still just at the start but we have already seen that we are being supported in all matters in an exemplary manner."

The Econic is the perfect vehicle for London's inner city.

Alex Fenemore, driver, London Gold Fish Transport

Love on the first trip.

So what do the drivers themselves think? The smaller Econic was assigned to Alex Fenemore – and he was immediately on fire for the 18-tonner: "To be honest, I really liked my previous trucks, but I have been more than happy to convert to Mercedes-Benz!" he says. "The Econic is the perfect vehicle for London's inner city. The cab is at an absolute top level, and the body and equipment are incomparable."

A glance up at the panorama window also reveals Fenemore's enthusiasm in a particularly striking fashion: "I love the Econic so much that I even stuck a badge with the Mercedes-Benz AMG logo on the glass!"

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