Econic in Paris: fresh and frozen.

Delivering fresh produce with the Econic mobile coolbox.

In central Paris, just as in many other cities in Europe and throughout the world – be it Valencia, Athens, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague or Singapore – the Econic can be found hard at work, delivering refrigerated produce. It is here in the hectic traffic conditions of cities that the low-emission vehicle, equipped with a host of safety features, particularly comes into its own. And now an Econic with a high-tech refrigeration concept and innovative semi-automatic PowerShift transmission has come to the streets of the City of Love.

Fruit and veg at the front, meat and fish at the rear.

French company Lecapitaine has joined forces with Mercedes-Benz to develop a refrigerated body for the Econic. And the result is pretty impressive: the body has two separate refrigeration systems which allow different refrigeration temperatures to be maintained on board. They provide the Econic with two refrigeration zones, one which can be cooled down to minus 20 degrees, the other to 7 degrees. This is made possible by a flexible partition wall which allows the refrigeration compartment to be divided up exactly as required. A lifting platform with a carrying capacity of 2.5 tonnes ensures easy loading and unloading.

Easy gearshifting with PowerShift.

The Econic, which is built in Wörth near Karlsruhe, is available in a choice of two engines: a gas-powered 6-cylinder engine with a power output of 222 kW and a Euro VI diesel power unit developing up to 260 kW. The natural gas drive is perfect for city centre logistics operations thanks to its quiet operation and low carbon dioxide emissions.

The semi-automatic PowerShift transmission from Mercedes-Benz significantly eases the burden on the driver. Its automated gearshift is both fast and precise – ensuring an even more fuel-efficient drive.

PowerShift adapts flexibly to the different driving and load conditions. At the press of a button, the driver can choose between an economy or power-oriented mode. Whilst the former supports frugal, fuel-efficient driving that's ideal for city traffic with many stops and starts, the latter, with its higher engine speeds, allows a more dynamic driving style that is particularly helpful on steep inclines.

Easier manoeuvring with crawl function.

PowerShift ensures smooth and efficient driving when adopting an anticipatory driving style. If the driver accelerates gently, the transmission maintains the selected gear. If the driver accelerates hard, the transmission shifts down so that the engine can muster the necessary power. The PowerShift function also assists the driver when manoeuvring in tight spaces. The crawl function is activated by briefly depressing and releasing the foot brake after the vehicle initially pulls away. This allows the vehicle to move off with greater precision, ideal for manoeuvring in narrow streets and entrances.



Maximum safety in the city.

In delivery traffic around town, safety is paramount at all times. And the Econic makes no compromises in this regard: its lower-mounted low-entry cab keeps drivers in the picture at all times, as they are seated at eye level with more vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, the low-entry design relieves the physical strain on drivers who need to get in and out of the vehicle frequently when making deliveries.

The Econic is equipped with Active Brake Assist which triggers an automatic braking action if there is a risk of collision with a moving or stationary obstacle. Included in the sophisticated safety concept is Sideguard Assist which gives out sharp audible and visual warnings to the driver should a moving or fixed obstacle pop up on the right-hand side of the vehicle.

All the safety assistance systems of the Econic in a video feature.

A 360-degree camera provides the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle's surroundings via a display on the dashboard. This reduces the hazardous blind spot to a minimum. The development team responsible for the Econic are thus responding to the new urban challenges with innovative solutions that will enable trucks and other road users to share the space safely.

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