The safe way forward.

Econic tipper makes no compromises when it comes to safety.

Almost one in four accidents involving pedestrians in urban traffic can be avoided if truck drivers have a direct view of the traffic conditions. More precisely, the Direct Vision Study from 2016 states: the number of collisions can be reduced by 23% by shortened reaction and braking times. Companies such as Totally Local Company (TLC) therefore put safety first, especially when moving around inner cities and construction sites. “The Mercedes-Benz Econic has surpassed our expectations,” says the representative of the British heavy-duty company. TLC has added two Econic tippers to its fleet.

Safety First.

Above all, the deep DirectVision panoramic windscreen and the low seat position in the Econic provide the driver with excellent visibility. They can see more than from a conventional truck with a raised seating position. Among other things, this has earned this special-purpose truck the highest rating according to Transport for London's Direct Vision Standard. This is very significant for the protection of vulnerable road users.5-star award on the Thames.

The Econic also comes with Active Brake Assist 4 emergency braking technology, which can detect vehicles ahead and stationary objects in the same lane and initiate full-stop emergency braking. This makes the low-entry truck a reliable option for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike – and the best choice for any company prioritising safety in road and construction site traffic.

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Always finding a way.

The two new TLC trucks have a single front steering axle, a twin drive axles and a rear steering axle. This makes the Econic much more manoeuvrable than other construction site vehicles and ideal for use on busy urban roads and in other challenging environments.

“Few vehicles are able to carry out our tasks as efficiently as the Econic,” reports TLC fleet manager Alastair Burns. "Of the offers we received, the Econic was the clear winner. The field of vision from the driver’s seat is excellent, the cab is easily accessible and the tight turning circle for such a large truck is extremely impressive."

The Econic also sets standards in terms of drive efficiency – with the 7.7-litre, six-cylinder engine and the 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission. The automated, weight-optimised transmission has specially tailored drive programs for urban traffic. Even at low engine speeds, the engine generates a high torque with optimised fuel consumption, which greatly increases cost efficiency.

Few vehicles are able to carry out our tasks as efficiently as the Econic.

Alastair Burns, Fleet manager, Totally Local Company Limited

The new TLC trucks come with a three-year or 160,000 km warranty – standard for all new Econics delivered through the UK dealer network. Like its existing Econic refuse collection vehicles, the company also services the latest additions to the fleet in its own workshop, but can also obtain expert technical advice from eStar Truck & Van when needed. This maximises the availability and cost-effectiveness of the vehicles at all times.

Leading the way.

Alastair Burns expects no difficulties at all for continuous operation of the new Econic tippers. In the past, the company’s many Econic-based refuse collection vehicles have consistently proven to be safe, reliable and economical to run. The right way forward for TLC.

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