Slim solution.

Econic Special Edition available in narrow width.

Narrow roads and cramped streets sometimes present refuse collection vehicles with real challenges. Manoeuvring or detours cost time and mean stress for the driver. The new Econic Special Edition with only 2.40 m width scores high marks where things get tight.

Special model as a team project.

The Econic Special Edition is based on the chassis of the Econic 6x2/4. This guarantees it all the benefits of the tried-and-tested low-entry design of the Special Truck from Mercedes-Benz, such as low entry and a direct view of other road users. Besides ergonomical and safety advantages, the Econic also wins thanks to its environmentally friendly drive with Euro-VI technology or optionally with natural gas.

Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks und die Lkw-Manufaktur in Molsheim

Altering the chassis to the reduced width of a slim 2.40 m was the job of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, working closely with bodybuilder Geesinknorba, a company that specialises in refuse disposal vehicles. However, the conversion to the narrower width is not limited exclusively to one bodybuilder: it can also be ordered from other partners as a dual-invoice transaction.

Besides making the axles narrower, the cab was narrowed at the wheel arches and the rear-view mirrors; but the cab is still big enough for up to three people. Despite the slimming measures, the Econic Special Edition still has a payload of over 11 t and can therefore be used as a fully-fledged refuse collection truck.

Latest generation safety assistance systems.

On board the Econic Special Edition a number of perfectly coordinated safety assistance systems can be implemented to provide the best possible safety for the crew and other road users. These include a blind spot camera system, Sideguard Assist and the latest generation of Active Brake Assist 5, the emergency braking system.

Besides the narrow width, the Econic Special Edition is extremely agile thanks to its steered trailing axle. The panoramic windscreen and the glazed door on the co-driver's side provide optimum visibility in traffic and make manoeuvring in narrow inner-city streets easier. This means that the Econic is not only the ideal vehicle for refuse collection companies, but it is also useful for municipal operation or firefighting services.

Subtle difference: the Econic Special Edition on the right and the normal width Econic on the left.
The axles are equipped with special wheels that save those crucial centimetres.
Slim line: the modified wings do not protrude as far.
No savings where function is concerned: the body comes with all the features you have come to expect from standard equipment.
The cab of the Special Edition provides as much space as the classic Econic.
Subtle difference: the Econic Special Edition on the right and the normal width Econic on the left.
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