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Disposal expert Econic works with two sealed compartments for separate waste flows.

Northeast of London, in the county of Hertfordshire, lies the administrative district of Dacorum. The region comprises towns and historical villages with more than 150,000 inhabitants. The community had already opted for 11 Econic refuse vehicles back in 2020. And now it is concentrating on building on its stock. The fleet has already been further extended, with the addition of 25 new Econic models. And the bodies of the vehicles have also been optimised.

Double the utility.

The bodies are from Geesinknorba, one of the biggest providers of refuse collection vehicles and compressors in Europe. All the new Econic vehicles at Dacorum Council are equipped with two sealed compartments which can be operated independently of one another. This means that two waste streams – for example residual waste and recyclable foodstuffs – can be collected and disposed of separately. A huge bonus for the related processing steps and a foundation that can be built on in future.

Proven in practice.

The outstanding properties of the Econic in disposal operations were a decisive factor for reordering from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. Transportation manager Simon Smith puts it in a nutshell: "The vehicles we put into operation last year met all of our requirements without exception."

The Econic models proved their worth in everyday work with high reliability and long operating times, good safety and efficiency. "Every morning our vehicles start first time – and that is crucial, as the teams start work at 6.30 a.m. on the dot. This reliability has also been confirmed when talking to other communities who place their trust in the Econic," Simon Smith explains.



The contemporary refuse collection vehicles are, like their predecessors, the 2630 LL 6x2 models with a steered trailing axle. The Special Trucks are driven by 7.7 l six-cylinder inline engines which transfer their 220 kW (299 hp) via a six-speed automatic transmission that is ideal for stop-and-go-operations. 

The transportation manager has plenty of other arguments in favour of the Econic: "When I started my job in 2018, we were using vehicles from various manufacturers and in different configurations," says Simon Smith. "Now we deal with a much smaller group of suppliers. This means that our refuse collection teams no longer have to familiarise themselves with different vehicles and controls. All 25 vehicles were supplied by the Mercedes-Benz Partner S&B Commercials, where they also expertly handle the regular maintenance of the vehicles."

The Econic models we put into operation last year met all of our requirements without exception.

Simon Smith, transportation manager, Dacorum Council

Overview meets ergonomics.

Thanks to the driver’s low seat position and the panoramic glazing, the climate-controlled cab of the Econic increases the overview of the traffic and at the same time builds on the convenient Low-Entry concept, making exit and entry easier for the team. The numerous safety assistance systems, sensors and additional light systems ensure that the crew and driver can concentrate on their work.  

The standard safety equipment of the Econic includes Active Brake Assist 5, which uses camera and radar technology to detect potential dangers in the lane at speeds of up to 90 km/h. Should things ever get a bit dicey in everyday traffic, a multistage escalation can be triggered, at the end of which the truck can be brought to a complete standstill in case of emergency.*

Active Brake Assist 5 at a glance

At speeds of up to 50 km/h Active Brake Assist can also initiate automatic maximum full-stop braking if pedestrians cross the truck’s lane, approach the truck or walk in its lane . This central function can increase the safety of weaker road users and the crew and simultaneously help relieve the burden on the driver. The safety technology is supplemented by an electronic parking brake, which is automatically activated when the engine is switched off.

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* Within the system limits or within physical limits, the system can react with partial or maximum full-stop braking if stationary and moving objects or moving pedestrians are detected. In these traffic situations, the driver still remains wholly responsible for driving the vehicle safely.

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