Thinking ahead.

Econic handles the transportation of garden and bulk waste with ease.

Wolfgang Stift puts others first. “It was important to us to make the work as easy as possible for our colleagues,” reports the representative from the market town of Wiener Neudorf. He is proud of the Econic in the small Austrian town near Vienna. As a part of the municipal fleet, the vehicle has been making work easier there since 2018. The Econic is primarily used for transporting bulk and garden waste – which is also a real service within the community.


An important step.

Daily processes in cities and communities need to be as convenient and efficient as possible. After all, it’s all about keeping the community going. And that is tough enough in itself. This made it even more important for Daimler Truck to design an easy entry and exit point for the Econic. After all, city staff working on disposal tasks have to get in and out of their trucks countless times every day – which can be really hard on the joints when working with a conventional truck. And this can develop into a major problem in the long term.

However, that is no problem for the Econic with its low cab: thanks to the low-entry concept, there are only two steps to climb. The full air suspension has an additional preventative function for back and joints with its shock-absorbing effect and the raising and lowering function on both axles.

All-round safety.

A safe vehicle is also indispensable in urban traffic, an environment that can get hectic – both for staff as well as for other road users. In the Econic, the cab's glass door extends to the floor and provides a generous, all-round view along with the panoramic windscreen. Thanks to its low seat, the driver is at eye level with car drivers and pedestrians, and the direct view facilitates a faster response in hazardous situations. Camera systems on both the driver’s and co-driver’s side mean they can see blind spots, while other optional safety assistance systems round off the equipment. “A view you wouldn’t have with any other truck,” Wolfgang Stift says, summarising his assessment of the Econic with satisfaction.

A view you wouldn't have with any other truck.

Wolfgang Stift, Market town of Wiener Neudorf


A real city racer.

Despite its size, the Econic moves smoothly through the city centres. This comes thannks to additional equipment features that the special truck has to offer: for example, the steerable rear axle, which makes it easier to manoeuvre through narrow streets. Or the automatic transmission, which allows the driver to focus fully on calmly steering the Econic to its destination. The appropriate body then ensures that everything runs smoothly on site – for the disposal vehicle as well as for the other Econics being used as fire service vehicles in Wiener Neudorf.

Less bureaucracy thanks to the Federal Procurement Agency.

The municipality of Wiener Neudorf did not procure the Econic as part of the usual tender procedure. Instead, supplier Pappas Auto GmbH processed the order using the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency (BBG). This agency supports public administrations in federal governments as well as in federal states and municipalities in procuring equipment such as vehicles.

Andreas Hosinger from Pappas Auto GmbH explains the benefits of BBG: “Unlike a conventional tender, procurement through BBG means less bureaucracy.” It also ensures that the vehicles to be procured comply with procurement legislation.

This organisational relief represents a valuable asset for public sector customers. Another advantage is that the vehicles can be configured for municipal operation right from the moment they are ordered, including equipment and bodies – for example with a tipper system or as a refuse collector vehicle. Individual and customised in line with the customer’s requirements.

Andreas Hosinger also refers to the eEconic in this context. In addition to the Econic, Pappas Auto GmbH also offers its battery-electric counterpart. “A great option for anyone considering the environment as they purchase a vehicle.”

Next step towards sustainability.

The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic operates without generating emissions in the local waste management industry.

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