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Unimog congratulates winners of the 2017 KT Image Awards.

The Unimog-sponsored trade magazine KommunalTechnik scoured Germany to find the most creative and dedicated municipal service departments. And they have announced the results. The winners and second and third place runners-up in the two categories “Best Individual Campaign” and “Best Overall Performance” have now received their awards. Rolf Trampert from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks congratulated the winners and praised them on their original ideas.

Demand for distinctive concepts and original campaigns.

KommunalTechnik magazine with its partners Unimog give their backing to local authority community services and highways departments which have shown special dedication. They regularly acknowledge the most outstanding examples of quality with the KT Image Award, both to show appreciation and to provide motivation for the future. By coming up with an imaginative public campaign local authorities can help to involve residents more fully in issues or make their services more transparent and accessible.

Energetically working for the future of energy.

Rolf Trampert was visibly pleased to be able to present the prizes at the awards ceremony. The Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks brand manager had particular praise for the Neue Betriebshof in Saarlouis. Its forward-looking project “People producing power together” earned NBS first place on the winners’ podium. Works manager Björn Althaus is proud of the joint initiative between the town and the residents’ energy cooperative, Köllertal eG. Residents could now invest in the biomass heating plant and photovoltaic plant themselves and help support environmental protection in a concept which is one of its kind in the Saarland region.

Second and third prizes in the "Best Individual Campaign" category went to Ravensburg council for its "Clean City" campaign and Aschersleben for its innovative "Garden of Remembrance" cemetery concept.

Green space adoption and spring cleaning in Bensheim.

Rolf Trampert pointed out that ongoing commitment was very important as well as one-off campaigns. The team from the Mittlere Bergstrasse local authority led by CEO Peter Daum was hailed as exemplary in this respect and therefore deserving winners of the "Best Overall Performance" category. Their colour-coded design to aid user navigation is applied consistently both online and offline – in all areas of their extensive internet presence and their popular fault-reporting app. At the same time, campaigns involving the public such as their “Adopt a Green Space” scheme and “Keep Bensheim Tidy” spring-cleaning initiative give residents an opportunity to join in themselves.

Second place for overall performance went to the city of Bielefeld for its environmental companies. The community services department of the Lower Rhine town of Rees came third.

An additional special prize was awarded to Schillingfürst in Franconia as the smallest participating council in 2017’s open day for community services departments.

Award categories:

"Best Individual Campaign" | "Best Overall Performance" | Special prize

Professionals side by side.

In conclusion, Ralf Trampert took the opportunity to thank all the participants for their contributions, pointing out that the very wealth and variety of ideas from the numerous local authority departments in Germany was a guarantee for a colourful local life. He hoped to see equally wide-ranging competitions full of imaginative projects in the years to come, adding that the Unimog would always be a willing partner helping local authority employees in their day to day work.

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