Farewell to winter
and Unimog.

The replacement procurement brings great joy.

To the Bad Kissingen district, it was a big deal when the city was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List last year. It is obvious that the people of Lower Franconia always spruce up their district. The district's road maintenance team reliably keeps the roads of the rural district around Bad Kissingen in good condition. Road maintenance manager Walter Heller has been their boss since 1993. The road maintenance company employs 22 men.

Reliable helpers in road service.

Two Unimog have been assisting them in their day-to-day work for many years now. A total of 240 km of roads in the district must be maintained and cared for. In addition to winter road clearance, this also includes mowing the roadside verges between May and October. Until recently, two Unimog U 400 were being used by road maintenance workers but now there are two brand new Unimog U 530 in Deep Orange.

No other vehicle is as manoeuvrable and versatile as the Unimog.

Fredy Gerlach, fleet manager, road maintenance Bad Kissingen

Replacement of the old models.

“The Unimog U 400 had around 10,000 operating hours on the clock,” says fleet manager Fredy Gerlach, “we have now replaced it.” This is called “replacement procurement” in official terms. The road maintenance team of the Kissing district who begin their duties every day from the Oerlenbach maintenance depot, are enthusiastic about their new Unimog, which cuts a great figure as a trio mower (Mulag).

The new Unimog U 530 features a hydrostatic drive, truck tyres, a municipal mounting plate at the front, front and rear camera, and the indispensable automatic tyre chains for use in ice and snow. “There was no alternative for our needs,” says Fredy Gerlach. “No other vehicle is as manoeuvrable and versatile as the Unimog. Other vehicles in this class cannot carry our 4 m3 spreader. And no rival can match its manoeuvrability.”

Ready for any season.

Although the leaves on the trees have already turned yellow in October, undaunted, the road maintenance team continues to mow around the Bad Kissingen district. A high-pressure cleaner (Leistikow) or a sweeper from Dücker can be attached, depending on the application. A Mulag marker post double washer is also regularly mounted on one of the Mulag mowing booms.

And the Oerlenbach road maintenance team is already looking forward to spring 2024. Not only because this marks the end of the tough winter road clearance working shifts. But above all because it means: full commitment to modern “replacement procurement”!

Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:
Ing. Kurt Herold GmbH & Co. KG

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