“Really great!”
Steinhagen fire brigade celebrates Unimog as new TLF 2000.

Even for experienced firefighters, the Unimog is still good for a surprise: with the new TLF 2000 water tender based on a Unimog U 430, the Steinhagen fire brigade is equipping itself against increasing threats in the forest and on the ground. Even the head of the fire brigade is impressed by what the new TLF can do after 42 years in the job.

Increasing risk of forest fires and wildfires.

The municipality of Steinhagen lies on the southern slope of the Teutoburg Forest, right by the A33 and just a stone’s throw from Bielefeld, in the Gütersloh district. The older generation still like to remember a celebrity who once lived here: David Odonkor, former national football player and 2006 World Cup participant. Not much actually happens here and in the two districts, Amshausen and Brockhagen. Unless the voluntary fire service is alerted.

Each district has a fire engine. The fire service has 120 active members, with young talent secured thanks to the children’s and youth fire brigade. In Amshausen, the colleagues are particularly proud, as they recently celebrated the commissioning of their latest vehicle, a Unimog U 323 as a TLF 2000.

A new vehicle standard: the Unimog TLF-W is the benchmark in its class.

“The risk of forest and wildfires is increasing,” says the head of the fire brigade, Lutz Mescher. He has 42 years of service. He knows the dangers lurking around Steinhagen. That's why he is so content with the new Unimog.

It gets through everywhere! Really great!

Lutz Mescher, chief, Steinhagen fire brigade


Fire-fighting rucksacks really pay off.

The Unimog is an additional acquisition, allowing a faster and more effective response. There are 2,700 l of extinguishing water and 60 l of foaming agent on board. In addition to the usual fire fighting equipment for a TLF, the Steinhageners carry all sorts of special equipment with them: supply and relay hoses, wetting jet spray modules, a powerful front monitor, fire hooks and 20-litre backpack fire extinguishers for extinguishing or fighting small fire pockets on the ground.

Doubly ready for action - Stuttgart fire brigade secures narrow and wide spaces with two new Unimog.

“The backpacks have already proven to be a very good investment this year,” says the fire chief happily. “This makes us even faster and significantly more flexible, as we no longer have to lay long hose distances for smaller fires.”


Boundless power.

The U 323 was built at BAI in Italy. They didn't miss out on the transfer to NRW: “The journey across the Alps was great. The vehicle impresses everyone in the service!”

The new Unimog has already proven itself in the first deployments this year. “It's lucky that we now have the Unimog in the fire brigade. The off-road capability is fantastic,” says the chief. They wanted to push the implement carrier to its limits at the Augustdorf training area – they didn't succeed. “It gets through everywhere! Really great!”

A few years ago, the firefighters had to part with their last Unimog. After 30 years in service, the LF8 simply could no longer meet today’s requirements.

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