Unimog fire engines at "Wipfelfeuer" in Schönau.

Meeting of experts about fire fighting with the latest equipment.

In periods of persistent heat, extended fires are not uncommon, in particular in forested areas. But meadows, fields and moors are also regularly affected by fires. Then, fire brigades go out to fight the so-called vegetation fires – a challenge both for man and machine. At the "Wipfelfeuer" specialist event, experts are regularly informed about the latest implement technology. Always on-hand: the Unimog.

Different conditions require flexible service vehicles.

At the booked-out "Wipfelfeuer" specialist symposium held in Schönau in late June, experienced firefighters and renowned fire experts from all over the world came together to discuss firefighting strategies and methods for tackling forest, land and vegetation blazes.

The organisers @fire, Internationaler Katastrophenschutz Deutschland e.V. (International Disaster Control Germany), are specially-trained firefighters. These highly-trained professionals share their theoretical expertise and practical skills with municipal fire brigades in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg – and do it on a voluntary basis. Because the danger of forest fires increases year by year. This means a need for experienced personnel and the right material. For this reason, five firefighting Unimogs were presented to the approximately 330 international participants of the specialist event.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is made for arduous terrain.


Firefighting is teamwork.

Apart from expert talks and discussions, the practical aspects of firefighting are not neglected at the "Wipfelfeuer" event. In workshops and planning games, new technical possibilities and tactics for extinguishing fires are shown: the perfect opportunity for the Unimog to demonstrate its sophisticated vehicle concept.

Wipfelfeuer 2017 in numbers:

1 event day | 10 subject specialists | 35 @fire experts | 35 exhibitors | 330 participants

Fire brigades and Civil Defence must be able to count on their vehicles in an emergency. This includes the efficient, reliable transport of fire-extinguishing material and rescue personnel through even the most rugged terrain – no problem for the Unimog vehicle's robust, reliable and well proven chassis and suspension. The fording capacity of 1.20 m allows the Unimog to cross streams and water-filled ditches safely.

From the compact Unimog U 218 to the extreme off-roader U 5023, the product range offers a wide spectrum to cover every need. All attachments are located in the protected area of the vehicle. A tyre pressure control system can be integrated as well as a special heat protection for the lines. Practical solutions: in order to be able to extinguish fires while on the move, the Unimog can be equipped with a swivelling roof hatch.

In Oer-Erkenschwick, the fire brigade uses a custom-made Unimog U 218 as a water tender vehicle.

Extinguishing equipment from Unimog partners.

The great popularity of the Unimog for fighting against vegetation fires is also thanks to the wide range of attachment and body solutions by specialised providers of firefighting equipment. From front-mounted spray jets to roof-mounted water cannon – the Unimog does not let anything burn during professional operations in forest and field wildfires.

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@fire: volunteer helpers save lives

They are on the spot when things start to burn in the forest or in the fields: the specially-trained firefighters of the @fire organisation are specialised in fast deployment directly at the very source of the fire. They protect houses, save people and stop the fire from spreading – voluntarily and without payment. This non-profit organisation has grown to over 200 members and cooperates closely with other international firefighting associations.

@fire is also active in the training and further training of municipal fire brigades in combating vegetation fires. An offer which is gladly accepted in many places. Almost every weekend the volunteers are on the road nowadays.

More about @fire

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