Saving life in all kinds of weather.

Vehicle concept "WISEL" for firefighting and civil protection.

In recent years, extreme weather conditions have increased sharply. In 2017 alone, the damage caused by heavy rainfall, floods, forest fires or snowstorms was as high as never before – and the forecast for 2018 is sobering. Climate change is leaving a clear mark. Rescue and evacuation are becoming more and more demanding for emergency services.

This was the occasion for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and the organization "@fire Germany e.V." to launch "WISEL": Wildfire Intervention and Special Emergency Logistics is a new vehicle concept based on the Unimog U 5023 specifically for firefighting in the forest and use in extreme weather conditions. So that firefighters and civil protection can act simply, quickly and safely.

Forest fire extinction and logistics combined in one vehicle.

After a large-scale drill by the organization @fire, which emphasized the importance of all-terrain vehicles in defensive off-road fire protection, @fire and Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks teamed up. The result is a concept for fire brigades and civil protection which covers different demands, especially in extensive disaster situations during vegetation firefighting.

Unimog: Rescuer in real emergencies.

"WISEL" provides that the emergency vehicle can be used as a tank fire engine for forest firefighting as well as a logistics vehicle with the basic function of a GW-L2 in difficult terrain without major modifications. Grid boxes or roll containers should be able to be loaded or unloaded quickly and easily even in remote terrain by means of a crane.

Disaster relief becomes easier with "WISEL".

The Unimog U 5023 as a rescue vehicle provides the perfect conditions for rescue operations in extreme situations. Attachments such as winch, sweeper or plough can be mounted on the front. This makes the Special Truck a vehicle capable of performing a variety of disaster relief tasks. Always on board: self protection equipment in the cabin, consisting of breathing air bottles, half masks with pressure regulator and breathing valve for a four-man crew. The cab, available ex factory, is protected from the outside by brush-guards, which at the same time represent the receptacle for the special signaling system and an integrated self-protection with corresponding spray nozzles.

Reliable helper for helpers.

In order to be well prepared for storm missions, working platforms are essential to supplement the turntable ladders. The "WISEL" concept provides that a small lifting platform can be accommodated on the plank bed via twist-lock quick-release fasteners. This platform has its own drive and reaches heights of 20 to 22 metres with a two-person basket. This makes the Unimog ideal for recovering people or removing storm damage. It can still be used when an automatic turntable ladder of the 30-metre class can no longer approach. Thanks to a fording depth of 1.2 metres, the Special Truck can without any problems be used during floods. With the new vehicle concept "WISEL", helpers can respond quickly and efficiently even in extreme situations.

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