A trusty new
brigade member.

The fire brigade of Maribor, Slovenia, gives 100% with their new Unimog.

Not everyone could keep up. The fire brigade in Maribor, Slovenia, covers a large and complex region from the urban centre and its periphery to the Pohorje mountains that are over 1500 m high and the clayey, slippery and overgrown roads of Kamnica on the left bank of the Drava. But now the brigade has found a contender that can keep up: the Unimog U 5023.

Hard at work where others fail.

Vehicles and equipment are part of the team, say the Slovenian firefighters. And that is why they can't leave their choice of fire-fighting vehicles to chance.

The Unimog was really the only possible candidate. Its superior technology lets it access places that others could not. “These vehicles have proven to be ideal for firefighting in the great outdoors”, enthuses commander Primož Osojnik. For the fire brigade, it is a matter of “all or nothing”. And a mission using the Unimog means 100% commitment. 

So it’s no wonder that the Slovenian fleet has already been home to several of these masterpieces. “The Maribor fire brigade had three other Unimogs before buying this one”, says commander Osojnik. And Unimog not only means 100% commitment, but also 0% replacement: “Our previous Unimog is 30 years old and still going strong. So we haven't sold it. Instead we have given it to the volunteer fire brigade in [the coastal village of] Koper.”

100% control.

This Unimog U 5023 is the first vehicle of the new generation to arrive in Slovenia. Maribor Brigade's Unimog is a medium-sized fire-fighting vehicle for forest fires according to the Slovenian fire brigade classification GCGP 2, which was compiled under the trained eyes of the emergency services. The roof of this new teammate features a factory-fitted hatch through which the fire brigade can even extinguish fires while on the move.

The latest Unimog models come with the tried-and-tested all-wheel drive, differential lock and TireControl plus tyre pressure control. The transmission is automated but the driver has the option of intervening manually if necessary. For example, when driving in extreme off-road terrain, the clutch pedal can be folded out to allow the driver to negotiate even very slippery surfaces. These are not uncommon on the banks of the Drava.

Amongst other optional extras, customers looking for even more control over the Unimog can order a clutch pedal that allows the driver to negotiate even very slippery surfaces. These are not uncommon on the banks of the Drava. However, the pedal is not the only optional extra available from the renowned bodybuilder Rosenbauer. 

Even more unstoppable with a snow plough and cable winch.

During the Slovenian winter months, roads at high altitudes often have to be cleared before use. This makes a snow plough a useful extension for the Unimog U 5023, as well as the clutch pedal. Bodybuilder Riko Ribnica installed the additional hydraulic system for the snow plough and fitted the plough itself.

A further extremely important piece of equipment for the new Unimog U 5023 is the hydraulically operated TR 030 cable winch from Rotzler. It has a maximum tractive force of 50 kN and a 60-m steel cable that is used for rescues or evacuations.  

Three points, 4000 l.

Due to the extreme torsional flexibility of the Unimog chassis, most parts are fastened at three points – for example the engine, transmission and cab. Rosenbauer has also prepared a three-point base for the body so that this important capability is not impaired. The heart of the body is a 4000-litre water tank that extends along the entire vehicle and has enough space for tools and fire-fighting equipment.

A pump installed in the rear of the vehicle and driven by the engine output shaft can be switched on from both inside and outside the vehicle. High-pressure hose reels are fitted at the rear: 60 m long on the left and 140 m long on the right.

Commander Primož Osojnik explains that high-pressure hoses are most useful for extinguishing fires in nature as they reach the source of the fire the fastest.

Fully utilised potential.

The Maribor brigade is not only delighted with the enormous 170-kW (231-hp) output of the Unimog and Daimler Truck's stringent safety standards, they are also impressed with their intermediary service partner. Because cooperation with the customer does not end in the sales room.

We are very pleased to cooperate with Autocommerce.

Primož Osojnik, Maribor Fire Brigade Commander


“We are very pleased to cooperate with Autocommerce because they help us greatly, not only to select the right vehicle but also to train firefighters and perform maintenance work”, says Commander Osojnik. Thanks to this close customer relationship, the men from Maribor can fully exploit the advantages of this unique off-road vehicle.

Calls from abroad are proof that the emergency services were able to incorporate all of their experience into the development of the vehicle. Colleagues want to know how the Maribor firefighters manage to master multiple challenges that are a burning issue for many other fire brigades with a single vehicle.


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