Capable of fording where others end up swimming.

Unimog extreme off-roader of Hildesheim's fire brigade conquers floods.

Excessive rainfall and torrential downpours have become more prevalent in recent years: fields are submerged under water, cellars are flooded and entire towns cut off from the outside world. In the Hildesheim area, too, the Innerste and Leine rivers which snake through the region have burst their banks several times in recent years.

To tackle such problems, fire brigades need a reliable vehicle which has high fording capabilities, that isn't scared of tough terrain and which is capable of bringing both man and machine safely to where they are needed. A list of requirements as if made for the Unimog.

Tailor-made off-road professional vehicle with hydraulic cargo liftgate.

In collaboration with Hildesheim's local Unimog Ahlborn general distributor, the fire brigade has equipped their Unimog to suit their exact requirements: a Unimog U 5023 extreme off-roader with 230 hp. The vehicle is equipped with a body from Hempelt (based in Meißen, Germany) and fulfils the "GW Logistik 2" logistics equipment vehicle requirements and norms. The fire-red all-rounder is stationed at the Hildesheim region's central fire station in Groß Düngen.

You can't go wrong if you buy such a Unimog.

Reinhard Ludewig, Civil Defence Office, Groß Düngen Fire Service Headquarters

The Unimog can wade through water which is as much as 1.2 metres deep without any restrictions. This was a crucial factor for the Hildesheim fire brigade. It means that they can use the Unimog to also evacuate people who have become cut off as a result of flooding. A job which would otherwise have to be carried out from the air or with boats.

Unimog U 5023 extreme off-roader provides reinforcement to Minden's firefighters.

The body is a platform/tarpaulin variant. Thanks to the folding sideboards and lateral sliding tarpaulins with tensioner gear, it is possible to load the Unimog from the sides using a fork-lift truck. At the rear, there is also a hydraulic cargo liftgate from manufacturer Dhollandia. This is designed as a vertical special lift in order to maintain the maximum possible ramp angle in off-road terrain. What's more, the Unimog can also be used as a tractor unit to tow trailers and it can be loaded and unloaded in any imaginable situation. "A normal cargo liftgate would mean too many restrictions for us," explains Reinhard Ludewig from the fire brigade's headquarters.


A top performer.

If required, the Unimog can be flexibly loaded, for example with pallet cages full of F-hoses. This type of hose is used by the fire brigade in Hildesheim for the additional Börger high-power pump which can move as many as 25,000 l/min from its installation location on a tandem trailer equipped with its own diesel engine.

The Unimog transports the heavy machinery directly to the site of the operation. An unimaginable advantage, especially in difficult terrain. And even on normal roads, the Unimog impresses as a tractor unit – it offers high trailer loads and road speeds.

Thanks to the flexible loading possibilities of the body, the Unimog can also be used for many other types of operation and is thus not only suitable for use in floods, but can also be used in fighting forest fires in tough terrain.


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