Fire-fighter with
no fear of heights.

Bodybuilder WISS configures hydraulic rescue platforms for the Econic.

The figures are impressive: currently there are more than 22,000 voluntary fire brigades, more than 100 full-time fire brigades and over 700 factory fire brigades in Germany. So it’s no wonder that bodybuilders specialising in fire control have their hands full. Bumar-Koszalin, a member of the Polish WISS Group, produces hydraulic rescue platforms for the Mercedes-Benz Econic. They are particularly needed in situations where, without engineering ingenuity, access would be very restricted for rescue teams: at dizzy heights and in difficult rescue locations.

The body and basic vehicle – a dream team.

The Econic 2635 L/ENA is the ideal basic vehicle for a hydraulic rescue platform body. The low cab height in particular is a decisive advantage as the overall height of the vehicle is kept as low as possible even with the body fitted. As a result a ladder construction can be installed with a relatively low centre of gravity. This is crucial when turning quickly or driving around small roundabouts, because in a worst-case scenario, a vehicle with a high centre of gravity could tip over when manoeuvring.

The Econic with twin tyres at the rear and a wheelbase of 3900 mm can be operated as a two- or three-axle vehicle and effortlessly supports the weight of the body. And it’s no small thing that the Econic carries: the hydraulic lifting arm of the PTM-42D hydraulic platform with ladder on the Econic can be extended to a rescue height of 42 m while its horizontal range is 20.4 m – the best conditions for rescuing people from difficult to reach and dangerous situations or to approach inaccessible fires.

Econic fire brigade with particularly narrow design in Rothenburg

The aluminium rescue cage at the end of the lifting arm can carry up to 400 kg – or four persons including 40 kg of equipment. If a fire is to be extinguished from the rescue cage, then a telescopic water hose transports up to 3000 litres of water per minute via the lifting arm to the rescue cage – thus fires at greater heights can be brought under control very quickly.

Expertise at the service of fire brigades.

Since 1987 the WISS Group located in Poland’s Bielsko-Biała has been involved in the preparation, conversion, restoration and modernisation of used fire-fighting vehicles. The production of new vehicles and bodies for fire brigades has been an integral part of the company’s product range since 2005. Production takes place in various locations across the world including in Herbolzheim near Freiburg in the Breisgau region. All of the vehicles configured by WISS are tailored to individual requirements and comply with fire-fighting regulations, laws and DIN standards.

Expertise that is appreciated by fire-fighters at an international level – just recently 13 Econic trucks with PTM-42D hydraulic rescue platforms equipped in line with individual requirements were delivered from Poland. Thus in future life-savers in red can defuse difficult situations using state-of-the-art technology.

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