Red-hot for Unimog.

Minden fire brigade gets reinforcements with the off-road specialist Unimog U 5023.

An emergency call in North Rhine-Westphalia Minden and the fire department Hahlen is on hand. One of the team's newcomers is a off-road specialist Unimog from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. A mission in difficult area without the Unimog U 5023? For the fire department Minden unthinkable. Since September last year the team relies on the new 230 hp companion.

Challenging missions, maximum protection.

During a mission often seconds count. So it is even more important that every step fits and the best performance is always available. A challenge made for the Unimog U 5023 with 3000 l extinguishing water tank. The Minden firefighters can rely on the Special Truck. No matter how tough the situation is, the Unimog ensures maximum protection.

The Kirchzarten fire brigade puts its faith in the extreme off-road Unimog U 5023.

Tough area? The answer is Unimog U 5023.

What the fire brigade Minden was looking for, was a tank fire truck, which ensures maximum safety and performance, even off-roads. With the modification of specialist body-builder Lentner, the TLF 3000 fulfills all the necessary criteria: impressive slope, tilt and ramp angles, guaranteeing safe progress even in rough terrain – also thank to its 1.2 metre wading depth.

The special truck's fire pump installed in the vehicle's rear supplies the roof-mounted rapid deployment device. The jet tube is controlled from the circular roof hatch of the U 5023. The Unimog's "pump and roll" function, which is almost a standard feature of many fire trucks, guarantees consistent water supply. Also located under the bumper, a spray bar, can easily be activated by the driver by pressing a button. This also serves as a self-protection feature of the vehicle when flames are close to the ground in vegetation fire fighting.

And to ensure that all functions of the Unimog are always operational and they remain so, the Minden fire brigade is supported by the Unimog general agent RKF Bleses as a reliable partner for advice and service.

Automatic tyre pressure regulation for off-road and asphalt.

The 395/80R20 off-road tyres of the Unimog and a fully integrated ex works tyre pressure control unit ensure a smooth off-road tour. Reducing the tyre pressure automatically when off-road, increases the contact surface area of the tyre, and the vehicle sinks less deeply into the ground. Safety circuits prevent excessively high or low pressures. And as soon as the Unimog is back on the road, the air pressure in the tyres is automatically adjusted as necessary. A real relief for the driver: he can concentrate fully on the mission and the traffic. Another advantage of the Special Truck: The finely graduated off-road gearing of the automatic transmission adapts the vehicle's speed precisely to the fire-fighting requirements.

The Unimog U 5023 was designed for demanding tasks. And he masters all the challenges that he can face, even in difficult firefighting operations. No wonder that Minden does not want to miss the Special Truck anymore.

Unimog U 5023 offers so much. And even more.

  • 230 hp and automatic transmission provide plenty of drive power.
  • The folding steps up to the equipment compart-ments do not restrict the off-road capability of the Unimog.
  • The kit includes two breathing apparatus sets.
  • The rapid deployment device behind the cab roof is operated through the Unimog's roof hatch. The extinguishing is directed without having to leave the vehicle.

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