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Discover the Unimog in the official 3D Product Designer.

Turn your ideas into reality. Design your dream vehicle with the new Unimog 3D Product Designer. With just a few clicks, you can create your own perfect model by combining the wide range of vehicle and equipment variants. The virtual 360-degree view gives you an incredible all-round view of your Unimog with all your selected specifications – as well as all important information. But we must warn you: our Product Designer might inspire you to dream even bigger.

The Unimog is even flexible online.

Your Unimog vehicle solution may be as individual as your needs. So why settle for a generalised plan? Right? The 3D configurator lets you build your ideal product in just a few steps. This could be a good starting point for a chat with your trusted Unimog sales partner to order your new custom model.

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Design your Unimog from a wide range of options.

Open 3D Product Designer

These are the most important functions.

Set language
The Product Designer is available in German, English and French. You can find the language selections at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.

Select vehicle
For use on or off road: choose between the Unimog implement carrier and the extreme off-road Unimog. By the way, the 3D configurator also includes the Mercedes-Benz Econic.

View brief overview of the model
You can view the specifics of each model by clicking on the small black i symbol in the preview image. More information can be found in the menu bar on the right.

Enjoy a change of perspective
You can change your viewing position within the three-dimensional view by clicking on the image and dragging the cursor while holding down the button. Zoom by scrolling with your computer mouse or by spreading and pinching two fingers on your touchpad or tablet. The full-screen view can be accessed using the frame symbol at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.

Adjust environment
Let your Unimog shine in normal and realistic surroundings that put your selected details in the right light. Choose between a minimalist photo studio atmosphere and a realistic, modern urban setting.

Read description
Read interesting information and facts about the Unimog and its specific application benefits by clicking on the white i symbol in the middle of the upper edge of the screen.

Everything on vehicle equipment.

  • Cab
    Choose between the standard version and the mowing door and tractor versions tailored to specific applications.
  • Chassis and wheelbase
    Choose a chassis adapted to your needs. For example, wheelbases of 2800 mm, 3000 mm and 3600 mm are available.
  • Equipment
    Sun visor, platform, additional lights, mirror holders and implement connections: choose from the huge range of genuine parts to create the right extension for you on top of the Unimog’s extensive standard equipment range. It's just a click away.
  • A lick of paint
    Give your dream Unimog the perfect paint finish by choosing from a selection of 19 original Unimog colours ranging from bold and bright to subtle and understated.
  • More information on the model and individual highlights
    Individual Unimog components installed ex works – such as the VarioPilot® dual-mode steering – are displayed as white selection points on the vehicle; more detailed information on these can be called up by clicking.

Virtual encounter with your Unimog.

Complete your personal Unimog experience with our augmented reality option and get ready for your first – virtual – encounter with your implement carrier or extreme off-road Unimog. By clicking on the mobile phone symbol, you can access the corresponding QR code and simply scan it with your smartphone.

Have you formed a clear picture of your favourite model yet?
Our Unimog sales partners look forward to hearing from you and making your dreams come true.

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Do you want to find out more about the Unimog implement carrier?

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Or is the extreme off-road Unimog better suited to your needs?

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The Unimog implement carrier.

Flexible attachment and mounting options, year-round use, cost-effective operation, safe on the road and robust off-road.

The extreme off-road Unimog.

Developed as a reliable powerhouse with one goal: the utmost in indestructibility.

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