Manoeuvrability is trump.

The Kohn family works with a Unimog on the island of Föhr.

“For me, it was clear that we needed an agricultural tractor,” says Heiko Kohn. Just add a trailer at the back and we’re good to go!” But what at first seemed the obvious choice for a new vehicle turned out to be less clear after all. But when Heiko Kohn, the Managing Director of HK Service in Midlum on the island of Föhr, got in touch with Unimog general distributor Land & Bau Kommunalgeräte in Rendsburg, things soon began to look different: “Anything other than a Unimog would have been an unwise choice,” Heiko Kohn concludes.

A handyman to the core.

But let's start from the very beginning: Heiko Kohn is a man of  many talents. He was born on the North Sea island of Föhr, where he lived until a few years ago. He worked there on an ingenious invention: the HK grader. It is an attachable implement for maintaining and building cycle paths, hiking trails and rural track roads, roadside shoulders and park installations. The invention from the island of Föhr lends itself to any situation which requires work on water-bound pathways or surfaces.


A powerful vehicle was needed.

There is plenty to do on Föhr: the Kohns deliver and deposit skips and take them by ferry to the depot in Flensburg on a regular basis. This called for a powerful vehicle that was manoeuvrable, versatile and – most importantly – short. “On the ferry you get charged according to length,” explains Kohn with his businessman’s hat on. It was a “perfectly logical” decision, therefore, to purchase a U 427 with a length of 3.15 metres, equipped with a municipal front mounting plate and a K80 coupling for a dumpster. “We can get into any yard, we’ve got the flexibility to set down skips almost anywhere.” This is made possible with the Jotha skip loading system.

Unimog reliably help remove drilling fluid.

A 10-tonne trailer from Müller Mitteltal is added for jobs requiring the transportation of rubble, such as from building demolition. The vehicle is well-suited to the needs of the family business. Very little has been added in the way of extras. “A front power take-off shaft and all the various hydraulic connections are essential,” says Heiko Kohn. He has already bought a dozer blade, and is flirting with the idea of acquiring an automatic spreader. And what about one of those boom mowers. It seems there are plenty of reasons for Heiko Kohn to return regularly to his beloved island to make sure everything is in order. Especially when the new Unimog (which his brother absolutely loves to drive, by the way) is also being used for municipal work.

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