“More of a stir
than with a Porsche.”

In construction site logistics, the Unimog U 435 shines with its compactness.

At Mersmann & Möllmann things often get very tight. It's a matter of a few centimetres. Because whenever the specialists from the roofing company from Raesfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia drive into residential areas, the narrow streets are reminiscent of a demanding obstacle course. That's where the Unimog U 435 comes in handy with its compactness. The all-rounder makes maneuvering on construction sites much easier and is also much more efficient on the freeway.

The Unimog always pitches in.

„We are so glad to have the Unimog. It is narrow, compact, has a lot of power and is perfect for manoeuvring,“ says Thomas Möllmann, who runs the 30-strong company together with Peter Mersmann. It does get tricky though when a roof truss needs to be straightened or renovated and a roof completely re-covered, as a crane must then be erected. The company has three cranes mounted on their own chassis. „We simply need a narrow, short but suitable tractor unit to be able to get onto the construction sites and set up properly.“

In the past, the company gained Unimog experience with its owner carpentry and plumbing business. „However, the last models we bought as newer used vehicles all lacked the power we needed for our applications.“ That is why we have now decided to purchase a new vehicle. With a displacement of 7.7 l, this engine delivers 354 hp and a torque of 1,380 Nm at 1,800 rpm.

Something to look at, too.

we arrive with the Unimog, it causes more of a stir than I’ve ever experienced with a Porsche,“ laughs Thomas Möllmann. He is responsible for the company’s vehicle fleet as a master mechanic. „We use the U 435 almost exclusively for construction site logistics,“ he explains. „Because we work a lot in the Ruhr region, we regularly cover longer distances on the motorway. To do this, we simply need power when we attach a weight of just under 25 tonnes to the rear.“

Wenn wir mit dem Unimog aufkreuzen, dann erregt das schon mal mehr Aufsehen, als mit einem Porsche.

Thomas Möllmann, Geschäftsführer, Mersmann & Möllmann GmbH & Co. KG

In addition to the cranes, the Unimog also pulls the timber low loader and a hook lift trailer, which, in addition to building rubble containers, also carries a special roll-off container for the Mersmann & Möllmann aluminium scaffolding. The Unimog was equipped with a rotating beacon system for transport operations such as these. Thomas Möllmann is particularly impressed by the automated manual transmission: „You can drive the vehicle almost like a car. The purchase was worthwhile from day one.“

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Drives like a car.

Two drive programmes help reduce the driver‘s workload: in automatic mode „A“, the drive program handles gear changes and clutch operation completely by itself, regardless of load, accelerator position, engine operation, climbs/inclines or engine brake. However, if it becomes necessary for the driver to manually change gear using the multifunction lever, this is also possible.

In order to keep the U 435 as flexible as possible, any trailer can be coupled with any conventional mount. A Scharmüller hitch with a K80 coupling system is mandatory. And because the proud Unimog driver Thomas Möllmann has long been used to seeing wide-eyed children of all ages, he has  not been surprised by the recent inquiry from a bride and groom, who would like to rent the U 435 to help celebrate the best day of their life.

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