One Unimog replaces two
shunting locomotives.

Railway sleeper production in Neuss.

The rail network in Germany is about three times longer than the motorway network. So it comes as no surprise that there is a constant need for renovation, renewal and repair work. Work is carried out on several hundred track construction sites every day. And this often means: new sleepers, if you please! DW Schwellen GmbH specialises in the manufacture of prestressed concrete track sleepers and pre-stressed concrete point sleepers. At its production sites in Güsen, Neuss and Augsburg, the company manufactures track sleepers to keep German trains moving as optimally as possible.

Heavy work.

A standard sleeper is 260 cm long and weighs 288 kg. Individual track sleepers weigh up to 352 kg – depending on the railway requirements. A standard sleeper must be laid every 60 centimetres. Repairing or building a brand new line stretching several kilometres is no small feat. At the Neuss plant, 52 employees take care of sleeper production. They can produce up to 1,200 sleepers per day. However, they need to be left to cure for seven days before they can be delivered. Only then is the resilience of the concrete 100% guaranteed.


Loading like a pro.

A Unimog U 423 with ZAGRO two-way body provides reliable support for reliably loading the finished sleepers on company premises. 600 metres of rails have been laid to allow the sleepers to be loaded onto railcars. Whenever empty railcars are needed, the yellow two-way Unimog manoeuvres them precisely to the loading position.

The Unimog is far more flexible and faster – not to mention the environmental aspect in terms of its fuel and maintenance.

Martin Samarra, Production and Rail Operations Manager, DW Schwellen GmbH


Two diesel locomotives from the 1950s and ‚60s which were previously used for this purpose (Köff 2 with 128 hp weighing 17 tonnes) have recently been decommissioned. „The Unimog is far more flexible and faster – not to mention the environmental aspect in terms of its fuel and maintenance. We can also use it to clean the streets when we don‘t need it for shunting work“ explains Production and Rail Operations Manager Martin Samarra. The Dücker FKM 240 sweeper, which is used as needed, has an operating width of 240 cm.

Rail maintenance and care with the road-rail Unimog.

The loaded railcars (maximum 180 sleepers per car) are handed over to colleagues at the factory gates of RheinCargo by the DW Schwellen Unimog in Neuss. They are then delivered directly from here to track construction sites throughout the country.

Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:

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