Engine driver's favorite.

Unimog as a road-rail shunting vehicle at Rail Logistic in Romania.

He now comes to work every day with a smile on his face, even in bad weather, says the train driver from Rail Logistic in Ploieşti, Romania. The reason: he feels like home on the multifunctional steering wheel of his new road-rail Unimog. The interior is very comfortable, the controls are intuitive and the facilities are first class, he says. And the shunting professional doesn't make any compromises either - especially not when it comes to operational strength and flexibility.

Logistics at the cutting edge.

Ionut Iosif, Railway Operations Manager at Rail Logistic, knows the diverse challenges of modern rail logistics from his work in the Brazi Industrial Park north of Bucharest. Rail Logistic specializes in the maintenance and cleaning of tank wagons used for the transport of petroleum, food and powdered products. Customers are demanding more and more flexibility and quick reactions, while idle times must be kept as short as possible. New safety requirements, laws and regulations ensure that Rail Logistic's own processes have to be questioned and adapted again and again.

Ionut Iosif therefore takes care of the consistent modernization of its rail fleet and, with the Unimog, relies on brand quality made in Germany. The newest member of the Rail Logistic family: a Unimog U 423 specially equipped by Unimog ExpertPartner ZAGRO on the basis of the highly customizable Unimog chassis with complete rail and shunting technology for use on rail and road.

Unimog vs. locomotive.

“We have been using the Unimog for some time - especially for towing and maneuvering tank wagons on the company premises. And even now we can no longer imagine working without our new Unimog U 423,” explains Ionut Iosif. Because the road-railer offers several advantages over a conventional locomotive: high reliability, enormous savings in fuel, reduced maintenance costs and long maintenance intervals. A locomotive, on the other hand, has to be serviced weekly and generally consumes considerably more diesel in operation.

Another advantage of the Unimog, which can switch from rail to road (and vice versa) in a very short time, is its tractive power. Its small turning circle also makes manoeuvring much easier. This saves valuable minutes, for example when changing between the tracks. For Rail Logistic, the reliability of the German brand in terms of quality and service was also an important criterion for the purchase decision.


Unimog offers up to 1,000 t pulling power.

The Unimog U 423 with all-wheel drive masters a permissible maximum weight of 13 t. It is powered by an efficient Euro VI diesel engine with 230 hp. The 8-speed gearbox can be used for forward and backward movement - and thus speeds up manoeuvres considerably. A torque converter clutch enables constant starting without clutch wear. Together with the increased coefficient of friction between the rubber tires and the steel rail and a powerful wagon brake system for up to 52 wagon axles, the Unimog achieves a pulling force of up to 1,000 t on the rails.

Logistics expert from Romania.

Rail Logistic, based in Prahova, was founded in 2009. Since then, the team of 58 employees has its headquarters on the industrial platform of the city of Ploieşti on the premises of the Brazi industrial park. Tank wagons are cleaned, serviced and repaired there. A fast and flexible rail vehicle is required for the necessary manoeuvring work - like the road-rail Unimog U 423.

The special truck drives on the road at a speed of up to 90 km/h. Equipped with special tires, it can be quickly and easily put on the rails from road mode and can travel up to 50 km/h there. This overall technological concept was implemented in proven cooperation with the specialized body manufacturer ZAGRO.

Work stress-free on the rails.

In addition to the convincing economic arguments for decision-makers, the Unimog also scores with the workforce. "When using the Unimog, you realize that it was designed not only for the tasks it performed, but also for the comfort of the operator, who can work for up to twelve hours a day under optimal and stress-free conditions," enthuses Ionuț Iosif. His team particularly praises the excellent all-round view and the fact that all important actions can be conveniently controlled using the multifunction steering wheel and a clear display. "We can rely on the Unimog", everyone agrees.

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