Manoeuvring up to 1000 t.

The HaBeMa animal feed company relies on the new Unimog U 423 in a road-rail version.

The HaBeMa animal feed company allows no compromises in performance and cost-effectiveness when operating its AGRO terminal in Heidenau, a transfer depot with rail connection for round-the-clock distribution operations. "Owing to the high towed loads, the demands made on our terminal tractor are enormous. For this reason we consciously decided in favour of a new-generation Unimog," says company plenipotentiary Jes-Christian Hansen.

Ex factory equipment already convincing.

The Unimog is already equipped with many equipment items important for shunting operations ex factory, for example the hydraulic interface for track guidance and the engine power take-off for the powerful compressor of the wagon braking system as major features of the 170 kW (231 hp) road-rail Unimog. There is also a torque converter clutch for smooth starting with high towed loads.

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Unimog in road-rail operations

Powerful performance.

Conversion of the Unimog into a terminal tractor was carried out by Zagro, a specialist in road-rail and shunting technology. Thanks to integrated CAN bus control, the driver is always able to operate the Unimog by radio remote control. At the same time the high safety standards of Level SIL 3 are met.

The installed helical compressor had a delivery rate of 1750 l/min., and supplies compressed air for the safe braking of towed loads up to 1000 t or 52 wagon axles. In remote control operation, a specially adapted anti-slip control system prevents the drive wheels from spinning even in the harshest track conditions. "Thanks to the high friction between rubber and steel, it really does cope with very high towed weights," Hansen confirms. With BoA approval (operating regulations for subsidiary tracks), the Unimog U 423 meets all the legal requirements for use on the site of the AGRO terminal.

The Unimog is streets ahead of a shunting locomotive.


Jes-Christian Hansen, HaBeMa animal feed company plenipotentiary

Pleasantly quiet operation.

Despite its remarkable power, the Unimog is very quiet in operation. "It was essential for us to meet the noise protection requirements at the Heidenau location. A diesel locomotive was out of the question, as we also work between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., says Jes-Christian Hansen. Only with the Unimog was it possible for the company to meet the requirements of federal emissions legislation, he reports. "The Unimog is also streets ahead of a shunting locomotive where operating costs are concerned. This starts with the fuel costs, but also applies to maintenance and availability of spare parts."

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