On track for success in Hungary.

Hungarian Railways puts a fleet of Unimog to work on its rail network.

A smoothly running rail network is top priority for the Hungarian state rail operators MÁV. It’s a demanding job, with a total of 7664 kilometres of track to look after. To help maintain and service the network MÁV has now opted for a complete Unimog fleet. Nine Unimog U 423 in all have been ordered at the Unimog Partner Pappas Autos, with a diverse range of attachments and bodies. They have been designed specifically for road-rail use.

Efficient railway workers.

Hungarian Railways has to ensure that passenger and goods trains run on time throughout the entire network, day in, day out. This requires a fleet of vehicles which can be used flexibly for maintenance and repair work on the track. MÁV has opted for Unimog and, in partnership with bodybuilders ZAGRO, has equipped nine Unimog U 423 for use on and alongside the railway lines.

Wide range of railway maintenance tasks on rail and road.

Thanks to a special road-rail mechanism the Unimog is able to operate both on rails and on the normal roadway – an essential requirement for tackling the wide range of railway maintenance tasks. A hydraulically lowered rail guidance system enables the Unimog to make the switch between on-rail and on-road modes. What’s more, the Unimog trucks are actually more economical than diesel locomotives. The vehicles are equipped with environmentally-friendly OM 934 LA Euro 6 engines delivering 170 kW (231 hp). On the road they can reach their destination quickly and efficiently at speeds up to 89 km/h.

The Unimog U 423 comes from the factory ready-equipped with the EasyDrive hydrostatic drive system which allows precise control of working speeds during rail grinding or mowing operations. In addition, these all-rounders are also fitted with a mechanical front power take-off shaft for driving the snow cutter, powerful working hydraulics with dual circuits, and a wide range of mechanical and electrical interfaces. Even the wheels and tyres required for driving on the Hungarian rail network, which has standard-gauge rail tracks of 1435 mm, are available ex works.

Suitable attachments and bodies for railway maintenance.

The extremely complex road-rail vehicles are real multi-talents: they feature a practical conversion system enabling all the attachment implements needed for railway maintenance work to be swapped in and out. All the attachments and body solutions are compatible with all Unimog vehicles. This makes it easier to plan vehicle deployment and allows servicing to be scheduled consistently.

The Unimog trucks have been built in collaboration with renowned manufacturers of special-purpose bodies. As well as the road-rail mechanism they also have an elevating work-platform, crane, rail grinder, pantograph measuring device, track sprayer, mowing boom, tipping body and even a snow cutter. What more could you wish for? With its versatile convertibility, Hungarian Railway’s Unimog fleet can cope efficiently throughout the year with all the required tasks on and along the track.

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The Unimog with Mulag mower ME 700 DB.
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