The success story continues.

Rail maintenance and care with the road-rail Unimog.

It was THE big thing in Tampere, Finland: commissioning the 23-kilometre tram network around eighteen months ago. The Finns now love their tramway. The operating company Tampere Tramway Ltd. is proud of how smoothly it runs. However, ensuring that the Tampere tram always arrives on time takes a huge amount of work done in the background, such as maintaining and servicing the rail network. To this end, Tampere Tramway Ltd. bought a truly unique U 430 road-rail Unimog in 2020. And because the Finns are absolutely thrilled about it, they have now ordered another Unimog for tram network maintenance.

Practical interchangeable equipment and an innovative quick-change system.

This is a multifunctional implement carrier with numerous interchangeable bodies that is highly flexible and cost-effective. The ZAGRO turntable rail guide for tight curves is permanently installed on the vehicle. The hydropneumatic suspension from Eggers replaces the standard coil springs of the Unimog so that the vehicle can be lowered evenly on the front and rear axles when changing bodies. The innovative quick-change system is a mechanical interface supplied by the Finnish specialist Piako Oy, who also provided the platform. The swap bodies are convenient: MULAG front boom mower, rotary snow blower, snow sweeper and snow plough from Kahlbacher and the road-rail elevating work platform for maintenance on the contact wire. The rail groove sweeper is made by Trilety. ZAGRO supplied the box body containing emergency equipment that is used in the event of accidents or technical malfunctions. Vossloh provided the high-speed grinder and a road-rail trailer. The second U 430 is fitted with a new Palfinger crane (PK 14500) and contact wire de-icing system.


A vehicle with many benefits.

The hydrostatic drive means the working speed is infinitely variable. It also allows the PTO shaft and PTO to work at a constant speed, for example when using the rotary snow blower or mower. The maximum rail speed is 50 km/h in both directions. This is useful, for example, when grinding the rails using the high-speed grinder. Vario Pilot ensures that the driver always has a perfect working and sitting position for the many different applications. For example, the driver can work from the co-driver’s seat when mowing or working with the sweeper. A practical feature: during maintenance.

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Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog importer:
Veho OY, Finland

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