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Four Unimog U 423 road-rail trucks will help in tram network operations in Mauritius.

Mauritius: tropical temperatures, green rainforest and the sparkling Pacific Ocean lapping at white sandy beaches. But the island state doesn't just laze around on the beach all day. The infrastructure of its continually expanding tram network is being kept in shape with some energetic assistance from four Unimog U 423 trucks.

Growth in paradise.

Where the country's economy once relied on sugar cane plantations, today's Mauritius has, among other things, developed a booming tourism sector. In order to be able to rapidly transport the many tourists and local commuters around the island in an environmentally friendly way, the first section of the Mauritius Metro Express Line was brought into operation in January 2020, linking the country's capital, Port Louis, with the third-largest town on the island, Rose Hill.

The next phase of the project is a 13-kilometre connection between Rose Hill and the town of Curepipe which sits on the elevated Central Plateau. Construction of this section is already in full swing. But the developers still have plenty of work ahead of them before completion of this section which will see the major traffic hubs of the island served by the Mauritius Metro Express Line.


More traction on the rails.

"The Unimog U 423 is perfect for our needs," explains Vimal Cheemontoo, Manager of Rolling Stock at Mauritius Metro Express Ltd. Before delivery, the vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was equipped by Unimog ExpertPartner ZAGRO and feature a bogie rail gear for tight curve radii and a number of other body installations. Of the four Unimog vehicles, two were fitted with elevating work platforms for maintenance of overhead lines, while the other two trucks were configured as rescue and assistance vehicles which will predominantly be used in the case of technical problems. With the impressive pulling power from their permanent all-wheel drive and engageable differential locks, the Unimog vehicles can be used to tow away a Metro train with ease.

"The Mercedes‐Benz Unimog U423 road‐rail vehicle is the best suited vehicle for our needs in Mauritius. The team of operators are very satisfied with the Unimogs and especially like the comfortable cabin, safety features as well as driving comfort on road and on rails." reports Vimal Cheemontoo.

We want to transmit our confidence with the combination of Mercedes‐Benz chassis and the road‐rail conversion by ZAGRO. We believe that the quality of our road‐rail vehicles will ensure reliable operation in the future.

Jorge Prieto, Depot Manager, CAF Mauritius

The right combination.

Road-rail vehicles such as the Unimog trucks used by Mauritius Express Ltd. enable uncomplicated, time-saving and cost-effective swapping between the road and rails, and vice versa. Jorge Prieto, Depot Manager at CAF Mauritius, is also suitably impressed: "We firmly believe that the quality of our emergency vehicles will enable them to operate reliably for a long time to come." By combining the Mercedes-Benz Unimog with a ZAGRO conversion, the outlook for Mauritius is a bright one – regardless of the weather!

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