The new hydraulic spring is here.

Spring is in the air.

Unimog stands for continuous further development. Unimog stands for perfection and setting standards. In our bid to make our customers’ work in the Unimog even more efficient and comfortable, the new hydropneumatic suspension is now available as an optional extra.

Hydraulic cushioning effect.

The hydropneumatic suspension is a system that is combined with hydraulic components to form the overall suspension system. The basic principle is that gas is compressed or decompressed by changes in the oil volume, resulting in a cushioning effect. In combination with hydraulic cylinders, springloaded cylinders, hydraulic valves, sensor and control units, this can be used to create vehicle suspension systems with different functions.

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Always keeps a level head.

In this way, using the displacement sensors, the suspension system keeps the frame level at the same position, regardless of the load and its position in or on the vehicle. Normally, the vehicle lowers more and more as the load increases. What makes this system so clever is that when the engine is running and the suspension is activated, the frame height is automatically kept in the same position by displacement sensors and the calibrated centre position. If the engine is off or the automatic suspension has been switched off, the system becomes a passive spring.

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