Extended warranty for new Unimog.

An extended warranty for your Unimog. Peace of mind for you.

We provide all Unimog owners with comprehensive, outstanding support from the outset. This helps ensure your vehicle remains a powerhouse throughout its lifecycle, delivering dependability, flexibility and durability for your operations – now, and in the future.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Service and Parts provides rapid assistance when and wherever repairs are required. In addition, we offer packages that extend our service warranties in line with your specific needs – for total peace of mind in any deployment situation.

So to ensure your legendary truck is always in its very best shape, choose one of our extended warranty packages, available from the time of purchase.

Because reliability and cost-efficiency matter to you. And your complete satisfaction matters to us.

Our Unimog extended warranties pick up where the initial manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. It is not always possible to predict when repairs will be needed; this package safeguards Unimog owners across the globe against corresponding costs.

Our packages for extending the initial manufacturer’s warranty:

Premium: 5 years

A comprehensive package for lasting peace of mind.

A 48-month extended warranty for the 2nd–5th years of operation

Limited to 7500 hours of operation

The larger the operation, the more you save

Standard: 4 years

Robust reliability.

A 36-month extended warranty for the 2nd–4th years of operation

Limited to 6000 hours of operation

Eliminates almost all risks

BasicPlus: 3 years

High-quality service for longer.

A 24-month extended warranty for the 2nd and 3rd years of operation

Limited to 4500 hours of operation

Significant peace of mind for a small price

Basic: 2 years

Keep your expec­tations up and your costs down.

A 12-month extended warranty for the 2nd year of operation

Limited to 3000 hours of operation

Be on the safe side

Legendary benefits for a legendary vehicle.

The extended warranty package includes the following:

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